You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you are restricted on caffeine intake so you scour the net to find what teas fall within your doctor’s orders on allowable amounts, in desperation for something other than water to drink and then go on a shopping spree you can’t really afford to get a bunch.

Scott B said

When the tea-drinking day comes to an end and you feel guilty for not having drunk enough cups of tea (or enough different teas) and you promise yourself that you will do better tomorrow.

Hah, I do this!

Yes! This happens to me quite often!

Azzrian said

When you have more tea stained area on your counter top than the color it once was and yet you wipe it down and clean it regularly somehow the stain is still there!

momo said

When your doctor asks what you do for fun and you say “tea.” And you expect him to just understand what you mean without any other information.

After I left I was like, wow Amanda, you could have at least said you like tasting and talking about the flavors and things instead of just “tea.”

Missy said

lol that’s awesome.

What was your doctor’s reaction?

momo said

He asked me “tea?” in quite a skeptical manner and I just said “Yes.” I have no idea why I just thought that was enough information, it’s still cracking me up a day later.

Azzrian said

LOL thats awesome.

CupofTree said

I just read this, so funny.

Cavocorax said

Yep. Literally LOL’d. :D (Doesn’t hurt that I’m reading the thread from the beginning and sorta making mental ticks (yep, yep, ooooh guilty…) as I go.

LOL. I’m going to say that to the next person who asks me that question.

Bonnie said

The ongoing High Park Fire in Colorado is behind my Condo Complex.
My daughter and I discussed what to do should I have to evacuate when the fire was 2 miles from me.
She told me later that she knew I would save my laptop, family photos and all my tea! (so sad…what a reputation!)

K S said

Give yourself some credit – you did mention family photos before tea ;)

When you drop & crack the bottom off your travel mug, almost cry because you did & on this morning it housed your favourite iced tea. And you head directly to buy a new one even if it means you might be late for work.

Bonnie said

Oh, so sad! I don’t want to know what you uttered when that happened! Yikes!

I actually took it quite calmly on the outside. Inside I was screaming.
On the upside the new one I bought is prettier than the original.

VeryPisces said

Or you buy several mugs until you find JUST the right one for your tea habit- and then never use the not-quite-right ones you wasted your money on.

CupofTree said

@VeryPisces Exactly!

Erika M. said

When you go downstairs to make some tea because reading these posts made you want to drink some tea.

Ninavampi said

Yep… This happens to me more frequently than I would like to admit…

Scott B said

You peruse the tea aisle in the grocery store to scoff and mock all the bagged teas-yet you sometimes buy one anyway.

Azzrian said

Haha yup I am guilty of this.

Lynne-tea said

So guilty. I sometimes avoid eye-contact with the teas so my roommate (who I shop with) doesn’t think my tea love is out of hand. I just like to look. A lot.

Bonnie said

Uh you start advising the people buying bagged tea in the tea isle of the grocery store…and try to get them to buy loose leaf tea…and sometimes they look like a deer in the headlights. (Other times they want to follow you…but maybe that doesn’t mean on Steepster :(

Alphakitty said

I do this too—no matter how much tea I have, there’s always something I want, usually just out of curiosity. Both the bf and my dad give me this “oh god, please don’t peruse the tea aisle” look when we go grocery shopping XD

Lynne-tea said

Hahaha Careful Bonnie! I know the deer in headlights look very well. I have a lot of friends who don’t understand my tea love, and whenever they ask about why I have so much tea (as they think it’s all the same)… my response to them is immediately accompanied by their glazed over expression.
I’m the same Alphakitty! I wish there was just samples of every tea in the world so I could stop being so curious and just try them all already!

Lynne-tea said

When the tea leaves to veggie/fruit scraps compost ratio is almost 1:1.

Bonnie said

That’s good! And your garbage smells like tea!

Lynne-tea said

Exactly! It’s pretty wonderful and just encourages more tea drinking.

More like 2:1, and there’s 3 people in my family.

Granted, that’s also counting their tea bags.

Bonnie said

When you no longer have to pay for tea at your local tea shop because you always bring “samples” for the servers!

When you don’t have to pay for tea because the SAs just give it you because, “you buy enough.”

Bonnie said

Too true!

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