You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you get bummed because someone tossed the tea you were saving for a resteep (or sometimes you do it yourself not thinking)!

mrmopar said

when you come home and the girlfriend says with that look a package came fro you today. and then says is it more tea? as if she has to ask.and you know you have enough for at least 10 cups a day for the next 5 years and you open it up to find a 3 or 4 hundred gram tea cake and all you can say is i am going to put this one up to age

K S said

Or when you hear a story like this and you completely understand while wondering what is her problem ;)

Bonnie said

I agree. And you think if you’re me…uh…I hope she goes cuz I’m in line! (well that would be gross cuz I’m old but if I was young it would be the truth!) Watch out girlfriend!

Epi Tea said

When you see the tea consumed per capita in the UK or Ireland and realize, “holy crap I drink way more tea than that every day”

You start cooking with matcha

You drink hot tea even on a 101 degree F day

You decide to start a tea business

You join Steepster

noordelijk said

I think joining/actively using steepster is a definite sign of ultimate tea nerd-dom

Scott B said

When you have over 60 teas in your house, but it drives you insane when you misplace just one of them!

Azzrian said

Yup happens to me all the time – looking for Blazing Strawberry Sampler from Kit at this time.

noordelijk said

wow I wish I had 60 teas!

mrmopar said

when you spend thirty minutes a day going through the tea listings on this site! i am up to page 250 of 1007 now! wow i am addicted!

Azzrian said

LOL that is commitment! Or maybe you should be committed LOL don’t worry WE won’t tell anyone! :)

Bonnie said

Wow! I read an ethnologe listing all the known languages in the World at my Aunts house in Peru for fun I guess you’re not so wierd!

KallieBoo! said

When you work a double shift just to place another tea order!

mrmopar said

amen to that or overtime to buy more! just spent my overtime pay today.

Done this!

Helena said

double shifts, extra shifts either way it means more tea!

noordelijk said


K S said

Or your bladder is stretched to the point you are like a camel in reverse.

Azzrian said

They sell products for this problem. :)

noordelijk said

@Azzrian diapers? :S

Azzrian said

LOL yup

This inspired me to write an article: You Know you are addicted to Yixing when… (The Confessions of an Yixing Addict)

TheKesser said

When you’re sitting at work, waiting very impatiently for the last customer to leave and you keep staring at the clock hoping they will come out soon so you can go home and have a LARGE cup of hot tea, even though I’m sure it’s about a million degrees outside.

You’re more mad that you’re cousin improperly brewed white tea than the fact that she snuck some of your new tea you had yet to receive.

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