TeaVivre said

Can Green tea help you weight loss?

Green tea is especially full of metabolic benefits, antioxidants; these are caused by high amounts of polyphenols. It is said that these polyphenols specifically one called EGCG can help increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and burn fat.

More information can be found here:

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teawade said

Great article. I thought Oolong’s were primarily the weight loss tea but I guess all tea in general is better than anything else other than water. Very informative article. Thanks for the post!

TeaVivre said

Pu’erh also can help people weight loss!

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Zeks said

I am already so much underweight that tea is powerless :)

teawade said

haha they should come up with a tea that helps gain weight then.

AJ said

I second this.

What about that Tibetan yak butter tea? Though it’s more the butter than the tea that’s helping with the weight gain.

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