Teaves 15% Off Online Coupon Code

We are glad to announce that Teaves Tea’s are now available for purchase via online. Please visit our site at www.drinkteaves.com.

If you’re interested in any of our teas, make sure you sign up for our mailing list via site or at http://eepurl.com/mgKhH to receive a 15% off online coupon code.

We look forward to building a strong relationship with everyone in the community.


7 Replies
teawade said

The site looks great and I’m always open to trying new tea companies. Plus the 15 % off doesn’t hurt :P thanks!

Very pretty site!

Thanks Michelle!

Missy said

Thanks for posting!

Very much welcome Missy!

teawade said

Just ordered myself a peach oolong and sencha reserve, both one ouncers. Excited to see what this company’s about! Will post reviews soon.

Thank you for the order!

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