Azzrian said

Upton Samples - how big are they?

Hey all I am thinking of ordering some Upton samples and wondered how much you get in a sample. Enough for just one cup? Two cups? Thanks so much!

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Azzrian said

Oh good lord never mind I answered my own question thanks Uggg blond moments abound today.

Hehe. For anyone else that is curious, the Upton samples are actually quite sizeable, about five cups it seems.

Azzrian said

Thanks Dylan that puts it into a better perspective than what I had – I noticed after posting that it said 15g so I knew it would be more than a couple of cups but that really helps even more!

Upton is great – I love how they have every tea in a sample size. It makes experimentation a lot more fun and affordable!

When we weigh teas, the little note we have (no idea where Missy got it) is 1 gram of tea for every 100 ml, which is roughly 2.4 grams per 8 oz. Most of the time we really don’t weigh it though, it’s just a spoonful (using the ‘perfect’ 1.5 teaspoon). Seems to work well enough ;)

The samples do vary a bit, between 4 grams and 15 grams

Azzrian said

Luckily all the ones I selected were 15g except for one which was 10g

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