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Are you sweet or unsweet?

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I used to sweeten black tea occasionally, but now I really don’t sweeten anything. Maybe a chai here and there. I think this is just a change in preference/tea habits over time.

I also don’t like to sweeten my coffee. A little half and half and I’m good to go.

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chaijeeyah said

Unsweetened as a rule. Okay, an occasional spoon of honey.

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Donna A said

I unfortunately have a sweet tooth. I think every tea I drink benefits from sweetener, and I’ve tried the highest quality teas from places like Verdant. It is a matter of taste though. To reduce calories and stay natural, I use high quality stevia (an herb) that I buy on-line. To me, it tastes just like sugar, but more healthy.

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TeaVivre said

Usually, I prefer my tea unsweet, for that I can better enjoy my tea. If the tea tastes so bitter, or astringent that I cannot stand, maybe I will add sugar or honey. However, for some black tea, it also tastes great with milk.

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For true tea:
Unsweetened, and never milk except for chai masala,(Which I will use honey, sometimes and milk or just milk in preparation- I am learning about serving it on a sugar cube, so will try that at least 2x to see how I like it) thai tea which I also drink traditional style with the condensed milk and sugar, and Numi Chocolate Puerh which I will sometimes add milk- when I do, it is very much like a cup of cocoa.

I also like one sweetened blend- see below:

I almost never like lemon in true tea (there is one exception with a lemon honey hibiscus blend)

I will use agave syrup in summer to make my herbal “sweet tea” which is a random combo of mint tisanes + what other herbals I have on hand that might blend well and chill the mix.
I just tried mugicha (roasted barley) with ginger/honey crystals and that was good, though I am glad I only added one serving’s worth to a whole 8oz or so pot.
I do like some lemon and lemon blossom tisanes.- most of the time I only sweeten tisanes for medicinal use, and then only with raw or local honey.

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I sometimes sweeten a black tea (with sugar, honey or agave it doens’t matter) because that’s the way I drank it when I first got hooked and it’s a comfort thing.
Every once in a while I will add sweetener (agave at the store, white sugar at home cuz I never have agave on hand) to an herbal or rooibos or flavoured black when I am craving a sweet fix.
However I try really hard to appreciate all teas unsweetened and have found that more and more lately I don’t need to add any sweetener at all.
Though when I drink something for my throat’s sake, I will always add honey, even to something already really sweet like Bravissimo by DAVIDsTEA

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Valerie said

As someone who only ever used white sugar, I’m curious to try some of the other options out there — stevia, agave nectar, honey, rock sugar… so many different things. :D

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MissLena said

I generally drink my teas unsweetened, no additives. Most of the time I find it’s sweet enough as is, and I like to find the complexities without anything added to it. Occasionally I will add a bit of honey just to see what it does to the flavor.

An exception to my unsweetened tea ways is with chais, as I had a bad experience with unsweetened bagged chai when I was younger (BITTER) and so now I like to have them with milk and brown sugar. Oh, and if I get a really terribly bitter or bland tea, I will probably add something just to be able to get it down haha.

sugar and milk are traditional additives for chai, likely for the very reason that the spices alone can be bitter.

MissLena said

Ah yes, I’m very happy I found how to brew it (on Steepster of course) using those additives, or else I probably wouldn’t ever drink a chai! :)

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Andrew said

I generally don’t drink tea sweetened. Every once in a while I like to have ice sweet tea. Thai Iced Tea I will drink (it’s pretty much always sweetened at restaurants).

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With a new tea I try a sip plain but almost always put a little sugar in it. Since I’m mainly a black tea drinker, and a southerner at that!, I think sugar enhances the teas flavor.

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