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ArTEAst said

Homemade remedies-in tea form

Hey all,

So I have a cold, I’m pretty congested. Does anyone know any good tea concoctions to defeat cold symptoms. I usually brew ginger tea from fresh ginger root and add honey and lemon, and depending how badly I feel, an occasional clove of garlic—but I would like to try something new. Any recommendations?

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Azzrian said
My flu mix includes ginger, calendula, chamomile, honey (un-pasturized), helichrysum, turmeric, fenugreek, and garlic. Good for colds too. Boosts the immune system.

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For congestion I like to brew my Winter Fire guayusa and alternate putting my face close to the cup and inhaling the steam and sipping the tea. The guayusa has a mix of chili peppers, cayenne, and cinnamon in it. It definitely helps clear the sinuses if you can stand a little spicy.

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gmathis said

Plain old peppermint straight up is a wonder for stomach, sinuses, and general yucks.

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Babble said

Side note, does anyone know if there’s any additional benefit drinking the tea hot or cold? I know tea is more soothing hot, but if I decide to have it cold, will it not have the same effect?

Azzrian said

I have not found any difference in the healing aspects of tea be them hot or cold but I would recommend that you prepare the tea hot then stick it in fridge.

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