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Just wondering who’s on other types of Social Media. If you’re on any of them list your links down below, but only if you want to. Obviously this is voluntary. As I have always said you can never have too many tea friends. Here I’ll start… (Personal) (Business) (Pinterest) (Google+)

Update: iHeartTeas is officially on Facebook.
I’m treading uncharted waters but wanted to see if Facebook can be viable for me. Be patient with me as it’s still under construction and I’m still learning my way around. Would love a “like” if so inclined ;)

Yay! Social Media :)

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Angrboda said

I never link to my Facebook in public, so if anybody is interested in that, they’ll have to ask me.

Other than that, I’m primarily found on and I’m Angrboda there as well. There’s a link in my profile. (Actually, that’s a bit of a decoy account, as it’s not the one I really use, but I don’t really want that particular screen name linked publicly to this one, so I’m using a gateway system. It has to do with what family is allowed to know that I do online and what is less than none of their business)

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am rumpusparable on twitter, too


seule771 said

Hi Parable,
Happy holidays, in case I don’t view you again. Stay healthy and happy. I can’t believe I am still here. I need to find employment so I can say later to everyone. Be well, that is all.

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Zeks said

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Roland said

I stick to twitter –

Thanks, for sharing. Now following you :)

Consider yourself followed.

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momo said

I’m on twitter:
And pinterest:
Also if anyone uses instagram, my username is saturdaynightriot

If you want to add me on Facebook then you should send me a message :D

I clicked on the link to your Pinterest late last night and almost had to go downstairs to fulfill all the cruel food cravings your pins were giving me.

momo said

haha, I hear that a lot between the boards there and food pictures I repost on tumblr too! I’m always like don’t worry, it’s giving me the exact same feelings!

See, I knew it would be fun to find out what else everyone is up to :) Yay! Midnight food cravings

momo said

I’ve been trying to move everything into more specific categories on Pinterest today with nothing else to do and it got mad at me and says I’m a spammer. It makes me sad because I wanted to start using it more but not if it’s going to do that to me!

Yeah Pinterest needs to be easier to organize, I did some recategorizing of my boards and while I didn’t get a warning I did feel guilty that everything was being repinned on everyone’s feeds.

momo said

I had to give up, after I deleted one of the old boards I lost everything I had moved. I’m not happy with them at all. At least none of them were anything really “important” but it’s still not cool.

Nik select said

You might like to have a look at LoveIt. ( It’s Pinterest with more robust organisational tools, importing of data, and private collections.

Boom. Followed.

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Azzrian said

I am Azzrian Visions on everything I don’t have pintrest yet though.
Google +

Zeks said

Psychic reading ?:)

Followed. We’re quite intrigued by your specialties.

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James R said

Followed. And depressed that we didn’t make it on your Holiday Gift Guide. :-/

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Jillian said

I’m mostly on LiveJournal (I’m one of those weird people who hates Facebook and I don’t text enough for bother with Twitter). You’re welcome to friend me, though I’ll warn you my journal is mostly full of nerdy stuff and fanfiction (which is about more nerdy stuff).

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You can find me on tumblr at (although it’s on hiatus for the moment).

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Bonnie said

Facebook ask me
G +

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