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ashmanra said

If I remember correctly, you get one point for every dollar you spend. When you reach 100 points, you can redeem them for five dollars off your next order or continue to save them and let them build up. One nice thing is that I may put $52 worth in my cart, spend 200 points, pay $32, and they still give me the free shipping. They often have free shipping at the $25 level. Since a couple of my friends also drink their tea, we combine our orders and hit $50 for the free shipping. And that is correct, there is about enough tea in the $2 sample pack to make four teaspoons, sometimes there is more, so unless it is something you can resteep, you get about four cups of tea.

The Millerton shop has their own separate rewards program. If you want to order by the ounce in odd amounts, they would be the way to go. If you order, say, one ounce of Golden Monkey, it is going to come in a foil type bag instead of a tin. I think you have to request participation in their rewards program. It doesn’t just start automatically when you order.

They also sell their tins for a very low price. I buy some teas by the pound bag and I like to have extra tins on hand for sharing tea. You can get everything from the one ounce baby tins, the four ounce, and the eight ounce – approximate weights of course because different teas have vastly different volume. I know it may sound a bit OCD, but I have my Harney teas displayed on black shelves in my kitchen and I love the look of all the black matching tins!

Twice when I have made special requests, Mike Harney has accommodated me, once by making Tower of London available loose leaf, and once by starting to sell Florence in seven ounce tins, since it had only been sold in four ounce (too small for me) or a pound (too much for me). So I can say that my customer service experiences have been great.

I am really sorry to hear about the shipping issues for Canada. I know that I send tea and packages to Northern Ireland, and I have LOTS of trouble with packages, though not much with envelopes and cards, and it doesn’t matter if the package is headed to or from there. Just one of the hazards of international shipping, but of course, you want customer service to handle it properly when it happens.

And no, I don’t work for Harney and Sons, though my husband says they have a phone with a red light and a siren for my calls to come in on! I just started my tea journey with them and honestly have had a really good experience with them so they get lots of customer loyalty from me! I am proud of them for their achievements. I mean, come on, an AMERICAN company blends the tea for Britain’s Historic Royal Palaces collection? Way to go!

SimplyJenW said

I have a few more things to add/clarify as they do change how things are done slightly over time. My last Millerton order was last month. I ordered tins by calling in my order last Fall for reference.

Last time I ordered tins, they were no longer offering the small one ounce version, but they have three others..the 4 oz, the 8 oz, and the large ones they have for stock tea in the shops. The big ones hold at least a pound. You can also order additional labels for free. To get the labels and tins, I think you have to call in your order. When I ordered, the 4 oz tins were $1.

Minimum ounces for order at the Millerton shop is 2 oz per tea. You are automatically entered in their points program as far as I know. I did not have to ask. Shipping from the Millerton shop runs $4.75 for shipping up to $25, $5.50 for up to $50.00 and $6.50 for up to $125. Free shipping over $125 from the store.

I had no idea I could order from the Millerton shop. Thanks for the heads up!

thanks for the answers! What is the Millerton shop? Can’t wait to try msny of H&S teas!

Erika M. said

It’s their main store in Dutchess County (Upstate NY). Their headquarters is in Millerton too. They also have a store in Soho(NYC).

ah, okay!

ashmanra said

Thanks for clarifying, Jen! I have never ordered from the Millerton shop. I didnt know about the two ounce rule, but that is pretty standard. I know Tin Roof Teas starts at 100 grams (3 1/2 ounces) unless you are buying at least four 50 gram packs, and of course Teavana requires two ounce increments.

I know years ago I got an email from H&S telling me I was in their rewards program and not to worry that I hadn’t set up my account because they had kept track of our orders even if we didn’t already know about the rewards. My friends don’t like to mess with ordering and divvying, so they tell me what they want even though I have told them they are missing out on points! They tell me do the work and keep the points! LOL! That works for me!

When I want tins, I just tell them what I want in the notes or comments section at checkout. There is no way to choose it on the site, but when I tell them what I want they have always noticed it and added it to my order! My kids use the four ounce tin for their Magic the Gathering cards. LOL! Plus the four ounce sampler boxes are perfect for holding large decks, heehee, just sayin’! I didn’t know they quit selling the baby tins that come in the tea chest.

If you like their Facebook page, you sometimes get coupon codes in your newsfeed before the emails go out.

SimplyJenW said

My last shop order was mostly things I wanted to try. For their lower priced teas you can usually get 2 oz to sample for just a little more than the samples cost on the website. There is the cost of shipping to figure in, though. For example, 2 oz of Paris is about $3 and makes roughly 20+ cups. A website sample is $2 and makes about 4 cups.

ashmanra said

Great to know, Jen! You are the master of the Millerton orders! LOL!

Wow, why would it only be $1 more for 20 cups? How do I order from Millerton? On harney.com I only see an address and hours? But you mentioned shipping prices, so they must send it to you obviously…

ashmanra said

Muppetlove, I found a phone number by googling Harney Tasting Room Millerton. I think you just call that number and tell them what you would like! I have only ordered from them once, a long time ago, when the website was sold out of an item and the store still had it.

SimplyJenW said

The shop’s email is harneyteashop at gmail dot com. I usually send my order in by email and once they have a total, we settle up over the phone with a credit card.

Also, the tea shop sells all of their tea per ounce based on the per pound price. I find it great for teas that are sold on the website only by the pound and I want only 4 ounces or so.

ashmanra said

True, Jen, with many teas that comes out to a better price for smaller amounts. Also, it is easier to let them know you don’t want a tin if you already have one. When I bought Golden Monkey they even sent me an extra ounce, and I assumed it was because I told them no tin on a couple of the teas I ordered. Sometimes when I order on the website and say no tin in the comments, they miss it. That’s okay, I was trying to save the planet a little bit, and I can just recycle the tin for another tea!

Shmiracles said

i know this is an old post but i searched the discussions and this post is very helpful. thanks to all of you!

There’s a lot of good information going on here! Jen is spot on, and Ashmanra is a pro. Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have, I’m here in the Millerton shop right now.
Thank you H&S devotees!

ChrisG said

Harney & Sons really got me into tea back 5 or so years ago when I quit coffee as the caffeine for me is too much. Since then I’ve been ordering from them. I’m getting back into tea and am back on this site.

Something that I’ve always ordered is their boxes of 50ct of everyday tea bags -stuff like irish breakfast (great assam) and peppermint and the citron green – these are just everyday gotta grab them quickly teas that are high quality and deliver – it’s like $10 a box too.

Their hot cinnamon spice is a great flavored tea in winter time.

forsythia said

I couldn’t resist and ordered a 4oz. tin of Paris. I think I’m going to have to build a shelf inside my tea cubbie to make room for more tins.

forsythia said

Ok, got my tin of Paris in the mail yesterday. Made a pot today. As soon as I took the lid off the tin, I realized this wasn’t going to be my normal “cup of tea”. I don’t care for “candy” teas, chocolate, ect. and that is what I thought I smelled. BUT – I brewed the tea and have to say I really enjoyed it. Different for me, but it’s good.

Azzrian said

So glad you ended up enjoying it! :)

Paris is a new favorite. I also like Decaf Paris which oddly enough is just a little different but just as good as regular.

ashmanra said

Just a note…Harney and Sons heard our requests and they have Diamond Jubilee back in stock and are also making it available loose leaf in a one pound bag for $25!!! Squeee! I didn’t have enough to try it iced, but I am thinking it is going to be golden for that!

Erika M. said

That’s great news!

forsythia said

I would like some loose leaf Diamond Jubilee, but I have a tin of sachets to drink up first. :( Still good,tho. (OT: ashmanra, do I see a Royal Albert teacup as your avatar? I collect RA cups -Montrose shape preferred. Yours is the Country Rose pattern?)

ashmanra said

So sorry, forsythia! I didn’t see this comment until just now! Yes, that is an Old Country Roses cup and it has a mole in it. He lived with us for a few days until we could relocate him. That is the pattern I normally use for tea parties, although sometimes in spring I switch to Lady Carlyle and when I don’t have guests who prefer cups with handles I use an assortment of Spode Blue Room florals with blueberry Beehouse cups!

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