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Element Tea closing down sale

Thought you’d all like to know! It’s a pity they are closing. They had a couple of good teas. There seems to be some really good deals here. I sorta wish I had room for another teapot now. :(


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That makes me sad. I really loved this company.

Babble said

Any teas of theirs you particularly recommend?

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Alphakitty said

It’s always sad to see tea companies close. :(

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Sad :/ I went to checkout, and the only shipping options they offered were Express or Priority. I wish I could order, but I can’t afford the $12 minimum for shipping.

momo said

Same, I did the shipping estimate and it was over half the cost of what I was ordering which is a dealbreaker when it’s not even $20 worth of products in my cart.

Alphakitty said

Shipping was $6 for me (though my cart was only about $10) which doesn’t seem so bad, I wonder why it’s so pricey for other people. Expensive shipping can really turn me off from a tea company, especially since it seems so unnecessary—not like tea is particularly heavy.

Strange.. My order was also having $6 shipping.

Lynne-tea said

Don’t feel too bad ladies – it says for $2 worth of items the shipping will be $28. I think I’ll pass too.

Yeah, my cart was around $12 or $13, and it gave me shipping option of either $12 or $48 – yikes!

Aiko said

Haha, glad I’m not the only one— I was excited to check it out but most of my favorite stuff was gone already and the shipping was just the killer for me.

(Meanwhile my poor boyfriend is lamenting the loss of his beloved toffee tea, too bad they’re out of that too. Sad to see them closing up.)

Same! I wanted to buy those 6.2 oz tins for only $1.50 but it’s not worth it when you have to pay $10+ in shipping. Boo! :(

Shipping for me in Canada for the few items I had was $28. WAY too steep, even with the deals on the tea.

Kittenna said

$28?! Seriously, they must make killer money off of shipping. That really ticks me off. In order for me to send something to the US and have it cost that much, I think I need to be sending like 1kg of stuff. Express. Grrrrrr.

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Yikes! Thar’s the third tea company I’ve seen close up this year… local teahouse (infinitea), CTG and now Element. I hope this is not reflecting some larger trend. It certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve changed my spending habits.

Guess it’s a reminder that if we want our favorite teas to stay available, we have to keep buying them

It’s so tough to see places go and you’re right. If you don’t want to see a business go the best way to help them stay around is support them with your business if you can. :)

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oh wow. I had to order. !2 shipping for me, but it was worth it… the prices are pretty low! I ordered a BUNCH. I just wish I hadn’t missed the jasmine!

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I strongly suspect the shipping price was what did this company in to start with. They did have good teas though.

Babble said

Their shipping prices were always this high??

Yes. I ordered with them before this closing down notice and had a long pause over the shipping price. I reasoned to myself the the tea prices were a bargain so the shipping would be worth it though. But I can see how the shipping would turn a lot of people away.

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Alphakitty said

Has anyone who ordered from the sale got a shipping notification? I haven’t yet and it’s been nearly a week, plus I emailed them about changing my order about an hour after I placed it and never heard back. I understand that they are closing and obviously have a lot to deal with, but hearing nothing for this long is a bit worrisome.

Babble said

Hey all. Don’t worry too much. I just logged into my account and I was able to find a shipping number and tracking info. However, this was never e-mailed to me. So, before you start panicking, log in to your account first to see if anything is there. My package was sent 6/27, by the way.

Also, FYI, when I paid through Paypal, I used their “pay later” function for exactly this reason. Basically, Paypal pays the money upfront and takes it out of my account 14 days later – unless I tell them there’s a problem. Even after 14 days I can file a dispute, but I like that buffer room, ESPECIALLY with a company that’s going out of business.

Alphakitty said

I was more worried that they never responded to my email (I forgot to add something to my cart). I don’t have an account there for some reason so I can’t check my order status. I’m sure I’ll get my stuff eventually, but my post office tends to just not deliver my packages so it’s nice to know when things are coming in.

I think with Paypal you have 30 days to file a dispute—does the “pay later” give you another 14? I’ve been screwed over before by waiting a month or so and realizing it’s too late to file a dispute.

Babble said

Hmmm.. Can you maybe look it up by order number?

Hmmm.. Can you maybe look it up by order number?Don’t quote me, but I think the PayPal pay later thing DOES give you 45 days.

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Azzrian said

No I have heard nothing yet.
It has only been two days for me though.

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Hmmm. Just ordered. Hope we get our tea.

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I’m another that hasn’t gotten shipping notice and it’s been 6 days since I got the order confirmation. I tried logging into their website and it comes up as not recognizing my email address so I can’t log in.

I just sent them an email asking about it, we’ll see.

Babble said

You probably have to verify your email. Check your inbox for the first email they sent you or try to send it again.

Yeah, it’s weird.

Just double-checked. Nope, never got a confirm-me email from them. Only received an order confirmation. Hm.

Babble said

Hmmm.. I’m out of ideas then. I hope you get your package.

Hmmm.. I’m out of ideas then. I hope you get your package.Mine is definitely on its way so I’ll let you know when I get it :)

Hmmm.. I’m out of ideas then. I hope you get your package.Mine is definitely on its way so I’ll let you know when I get it :)It’s coming from Aurora, CO, btw.

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