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Tea & Books - What are you reading?

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Saryn said

Well right now I’m immersed in Pauline Gedge’s King’s Man trilogy, but after that my stack of library books contains;

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
Dragon’s Time by Anne & Todd McCaffrey
Endurance by Jay Lake
A Magic of Dawn by S. L. Farrell
Shades of Milk and Honey my Mary Robinette Kowal

Helena said

is Todd McCaffrey any good? I’ve read Anne’s stuff which was awesome (I love White Dragon and Dragonsong)

Saryn said

He writes very similarly to his mother, with very strong female characters and lots of timey-wimey goodness. I read all the Pern books chronologically earlier this year.

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Helena said

Now reading Broken by Kelly Armstrong :D

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Started reading Practical Magic. Didn’t like it. Stopped trying a fifth through. Life’s too short for unpleasant reading. Decided to go to a safe bet with Patricia Wrede. Starting her first Lyra novel called Shadow Magic. I think this was written back before the title would have been considered cheesy. It’s a bit of an old fashioned story but I’m enjoying myself. :)

Helena said

I’ve never read Practical Magic but I didn’t like the movie that much so I probably wouldn’t like the book.

I never saw the movie but thought it looked interesting. Decided to pick up the book instead since I usually prefer the book to movie. I probably wouldn’t like the movie either.

Uniquity said

I love the movie (I was little when it came out, and it enchanted me) but I don’t remember how I felt about the book. I remember it being quite different from the movie and I liked that it was more immersive in the characters but it was a different sort of animal. : )

The book is much too depressing for me. I also found myself constantly surprised at how little I had read. A good book shouldn’t drag. Im glad the movie is different though. Maybe I’ll give it a try after all. :)

Uniquity said

It’s complete fluff. I just love Sandra Bullock and Diane Wiest!

Pretty fluff, worth watching just for the house, plus I get chills and cry in the final circle scene. I enjoyed the book in high school, not sure how I would feel about it now.

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I have just finished my own personal “A Song of Ice and Fire” 30 day challenge! I was actually able to finish in 29 days! And not a single page was read without a cup of tea in hand. I even catered the tea I was drinking to which character I was reading at the time. Spicy Chocolate teas for characters in Dorne. Minty herbal teas for those in Winterfell. Complex oolongs for when in King’s Landing. Simple blacks for when on The Wall. I have come to the realization that I am a total nerd. Glasses and all! :P

I love those teas for those! Genius! That seems like a lot of tea though… those books are loonngg.

It was really neat taking tea along the journey with me. I’m considering typing up something like “Teas of Ice and Fire” that goes through the teas I find fit characters, places, and events the best in the books.

I did go through a lot of tea! But going through tea just means… room for more tea!!

This post is wonderful. We prefer the term “thinking-person” to nerd though, Meowkattack.


“Thinking person” I like that! Though being labeled as such in a land such as Westeros.. it’s like to get my head lopped off!

I’d read the Teas of Ice and Fire! The places/ teas in general already sound perfectly fitting…

tigress_al said

Haha, I just finished the 3rd book of this series. Your categories certainly fit the areas of the book. Dany and Jon are my fav characters I would say. Lol….and my husband teases me that I remind him of Ygrette. What tea would you drink for Dany or Jon?
For Dany, I think I would drink…a chai—spicy, strong, complex, never giving up, but also forgiving (ie. add milk and sugar!)
For Jon, I would maybe drink an English Breakfast black—bold, and strong, but can be sweet and smooth as well.

Wow, I am a nerd!

My two favorite characters as well! Though I am a huge Tyrion fan too. I think a chai would be perfect for Dany! I usually did Earl Grey for Jon, there is a real bold and strong yet level flavor to a good Earl Grey that I think matches with Jon’s personality.

Ygrette would be some sort of orange spice roasted mate blend. Orange for her fire-kissed hair, spice because of her personality, and mate because I found roasted mate really aligns with the Wildlings. It’s earthy robust flavor matches really well I feel. But then again.. I probably “know nothing!” about characters and tea! :)

tigress_al said

Lol you are right mates are perfect for the wildlings! And Jon certainly suits an earl grey! Lol I “know nothing” about tea or characters either!

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Though the writing can be clunky—there is some pleasure in reading the adventurous classics. Anyone fond of Jules Verne?

Uniquity said

I’m quite fond of most classics, adventurous or otherwise. They’re comforting, in a way. : )

Nicole said

Love Jules Verne!

Claire said

I’m an English Lit major and my specialty is Victorian lit, so I am fond of a lot of “clunky” books. :)

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I can’t wait until my son goes to bed so I can curl up on the couch with a nice cup of green tea and a book. However, I need a new book to read! Suggestions?

gmathis said

Don’t know what your preferences are, but I just finished “Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven” by Fannie Flagg and loved it. Totally cozy, feel-good, laugh-out-loud fiction with a southern drawl to it. (And you don’t have to think terribly hard if said son has worn you out ;)

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JasonCT said

Just finished 2 NYRB Classic titles – A MEANINGFUL LIFE by LJ Davis and ROGUE MALE by Geoffrey Household.

I must say that the MC in A MEANINGFUL LIFE was someone that I could really relate to. It was actually kind of scary. Highly recommend.

ROGUE MALE I found out was made into a movie in 1941 dir. by the incredibly Fritz Land entitled Manhunt, so I’ll have to look for that.

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Helena said

I’m taking a brief break from the Kelley Armstrong novels to read some Bordertown novels. I’m currently reading Finder by Emma Bull. I will read Welcome to Bordertown by various authors (holly black, emma bull, will shetterly, etc..) It’s urban fantasy and it rocks!

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I’m absolutely loving The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle! I got an advance reader but it just came out yesterday. Another writer I’m a new fan of!

Uniquity said

I miss advanced copies. They were one of the best parts of working in a book store!

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Uniquity said

Recently finished Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five (I know, I know, I’m late to everything) which I found a little cumbersome but interesting. Now starting Peyton Place by Grace Metalious based on a review I read of it in a book I have. It lists the dedications of famous novels and explains the story behind it..somehow that keeps leading to me reading all these books, even though I don’t remember why I picked them in the first place. : )

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