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Which new features do you want the most?

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Is there any way to sort tea reviews by date. Ie) most recent first? I know some teas change over time…like the quality etc.

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Nick select said

I think being able to submit our pictures of the tea leaves would be nice. I’ve been tempted when I create a new tea or such, but, I then think that the company that made the tea if they ever have a presence here might not really like that… but a personal gallery of this is what my tea leaves looked like, this is how it looked brewed, etc would be kinda neat. Or, maybe I’m just odd because I like looking at that kinda thing :P

Start a blog!

Nick select said

This is a tempting idea.

Here’s a link to a discussion with more blog links, to give you ideas for your (potential) blog. I’m particularly fond of sororiteasisters.com

Nick select said

I think it devoured your link.

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I’d love a way to search my own cupboard for types of tea (ie: pu-erh) OR for ingredients (that would go through the names of the teas, descriptions, and my tasting notes of the teas, if that’s possible.. you know.. look through anything in my cupboard for the word vanilla).

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Rachel J said

Mobile formatted site! Mobile formatted site!

I concur!!!

Chiyo select said


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PamDZ said

I would like to be able to post pics of my teas

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Is there somewhere to rate tea companies not just the teas? I see you can rate tea places and teas and tea products…but not companies themselves. If I’m going to purchase from X company it would be interesting to know about their history, what city they are based in, really any information that tells me more about their company and what experiences other steepsters have had with them.

Emily M said

Some people use the places tab to rate online tea vendors as well. It isn’t just tea houses. Most of the time they will put the name of the company and follow it with online.

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BoxerMama said

Something that show when you have read, or commented on a thread. Like a little icon. Some are over 1000 replies and span years.

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Ysaurella said

Jason, we are all putting ideas and wishes for a long long time here and I am sure you’ll consider them all but …is there really another version of Steepster in the (soon) pipeline ? I’d like to know :)

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I think it would be helpful to have ‘custom lists’ that we could either make Top 10s, Swap, Samples, Wishlist, etc.

I second this one.

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looseTman said

Hi Jason, It would be great if there was a filter for Organic teas on the Best Teas page: http://steepster.com/teas Thanks!

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