Which new features do you want the most?

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Lala said

I would like to be able to write a review and save it without publishing it. Sometimes I like to get some notes down but don’t want to have everyone read it yet because I’m not done reviewing. It also save a lot of notes from being “liked” and then reappearing several times on the dashboard after edits.


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Just a small thing, but I would like the word ‘oolong’ to stop having the red squiggly underline of a misspelled word here. If the word ‘squiggly’ is not incorrect than ‘oolong’ definitely isn’t. Pu’erh would be nice too.

Angrboda said

That’s not Steepster. That’s the spell check in your browser.

Oh, I see. Now I feel kinda stupid. Hmm, I guess Firefox is behind the times?

You can fix that fairly easily with any word that is spelled correctly and annoys you with the squiggly line.

Type it out, right click the word and select ‘Add to dictionary..’


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I would like a way to sort by oldest first in my cupboard so I can see what I’ve been holding on to for a long time that I need to start drinking. Either that or a button that will let me go straight to the last page when it is sorted by recently added. I have over 220 teas in my cupboard and it takes a long time to get to the end to see what I need to drink.

If you know how many pages are in your cupboard, you can sort by recent, and then change the http page number to whatever the last one is after you click to the second page. If that makes sense?
Sort by recently added.
Click to next page.
Change the page number in your address bar.

I just checked your cupboard. if you change the page=2 to page=13, that should be your last page (since your current last page is 13.) Hope that helps.

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A “block user” function would be nice!

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I never know if I get replies to my comment replies. I know I get e-mail alerts if my tasting notes get comments, but not if my replies in other tasting notes get replies.

Angrboda said

You can get emails for that too. I get emailed comments on all posts that I’ve commented on or liked. Go to the ‘you’ drop down menu in the top right corner, choose account, choose email settings, check all that you want emailed. :)

Oh, thanks Angrboda! I forgot about that page. But it seems like I already had the box checked for ‘comments on things I commented on’ but I definitely have not been getting those e-mails. I seem to get the others though. hmm.

Angrboda said

I originally had only that one checked, but then it sent me emails for both things I’d commented on and things I’d liked. I couldn’t work out how to fix it, and eventually I got so used to it that I now have both checked. :)

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Lala said

On the “Find a tea” search function, it would be nice if it searched similar spellings. Currently if you make a spelling mistake, grammar mistake, or just simply can’t remember how to spell the tea, you will get no search results.

For example, Ninas Paris does not have any results, but Nina’s Paris does.

Angrboda said

I agree with this.

Relmaster said

I highly agree with this as well ;)

Skysamurai said

Interesting and good point. I agree!

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KatNa said

Hello, I’m a new member, but not new to drinking tea! My GreatGrandMother and Grandmother would make me weak tea starting at about 5 years of age.. anyway. Question, does this site have a Tea Wiki?
I’m a “drinker” but really don’t have a lot of knowledge of tea other than the barest and vaguest aspects. I’d not only like to get more suggestions for teas over time but learn about tea.
Love this site, taking me a little while to figure out how to navigate but I’m really enjoying all the features.

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linnaete said

It seems tons of people on here break the bank buying teas and end up wanting to swap to get more of a variety. Any way to support this better? Like certain makeup websites that have swap lists/wants and swap “tokens” to show how experienced/trustworthy swappers are. Something similar would be really neat!

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oakandsage said

My wish is for the ‘teas’ page and ‘search’ to be merged. Or for some of the functionality from one to be migrated to the other.

I like the display of ratings and ability to sort by highest rated, popular, and newly added that the teas page has, and the ability to filter by type of tea, but I’d like to be able to do more specific searches in that format as well, to get finer granularity than the categories allow. Essentially, I’d like to be able to filter the teas page by a search term. Then one could go “I really want to try a new sencha” or “let’s see some blends with lavender” and find one that people like.

The other direction – Showing teas’ ratings on the search page and/or allowing for sorting of search results – would work too.

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It would be nice if we could flag a tea for editing by admin. For example I found a tea that was last updated 2 years, and the tea shop has stopped selling the tea (as per their website)

Cavocorax said

I think if your account has been open more than 30 days you can edit teas, but you wouldn’t want to delete an entry like this – just update it so that people know it’s no longer available for purchase.

AJ said

Yes. Even discontinued teas still need a page. People often still have them in their cupboard, or list them on their Shopping List as they’d like to swap for it (BECAUSE it’s discontinued). You are able to edit all teas yourself, and we’re always more than happy to have more information. Editing the description to add ***Discontinued*** at the bottom would be very helpful, especially to people coming across it for the first time. Saves them a trip to the company’s website. Nobody but an admin can delete teas.

There are no features for flagging teas at this time, but a lot of us have Jason’s email on speeddial for reporting teas beyond our fixing capabilities (duplicates that need to be merged, mostly).

Everything AJ said!


I’ll do that, though I will point out that it would probably be a good idea to add a ‘flag’ button as after a year or so people are going to be trading teas that are very stale.

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