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Which new features do you want the most?

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Katiek said

Is there some way to make unchecking the “notify me when this topic is update” the default? I’ve set my email settings so I only get notices when I have a PM, but I can’t figure out how to stop the notices about new posts except by unchecking the box in each thread, each time I read it.

Ricky admin said

Don’t believe there’s a default setting, but you can unsubscribe individually by hitting on the “Subscribed” button next to the thread.

Katiek said


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Rating scale – Maybe it’s more correct to put five faces (red frowny face representing zero, and then 25 up each up to smiley face representing 100), because every time I want to rate a tea, it’s actually either lower or higher than the score I want to give.

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The ability to add tasting notes for bulk herbs. Like what if I make some tea with fresh spearmint from my garden? What do I file that under?

Lala said

You can always add it as your own tea, or as a custom blend.

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MissB said

Email related:

- when I open an email from another member on the site, I’d be thrilled if it automatically defaulted to where I left off/where they started writing. Scrolling down, especially in large email conversations, gets challenging.

- I currently have three messages in my Inbox that are unread. For the life of me, I can’t tell which they are, or what page they’re on! Either make the emails stand out more so that I can tell which one is unread (I have good eyes, and I’m relatively young – I still struggle), or default the newest messages to the top of the queue.

- The ability to archive messages. Most of the messages in my inbox I’m done with, however I want to keep for reference. Archiving would leave more space for all involved while leaving things manageable.

Log related:
- when someone else logs my handle in thanks, or even just mentions me, I’d love it if I received a notification with all of the others that this has happened. I swap often, yet have missed more than a few thanks or notes specifically made to me publicly because I’m sleeping when they’re awake, etc.

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Since I use gong fu cha methods, the steeping time doesn’t go low enough. On the second infusion I only steep for 4 seconds, then 6, then 8, then 10. Steeping time here starts at 15 seconds. Thanks.
Great site.

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Skysamurai said

It would be really nice to have the tea log alphabetized. In order to find a tasting note for a certain tea, in order to change it, is rather annoying right now.

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I don’t know if this has been mentioned before and didn’t want to go through all the suggestions to find out… sorry… just too many pages.

I would love to have a “last page” button the size of the “next” button on each post page so that when you can choose to go right to the last page of the posts. I sometimes read the forums from my phone or tablet and have a hard time pushing the number button to get to the last page because it is too small.

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Maybe an address book tab in the inbox. I have so many messages that I save strictly for addresses from swaps and it’s such a hassle to go through allll my messages with that one person to find the address :)

Lala said

I like this idea.

Right?! :)

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Lee select said

I would love an iPhone ap :) I searched for one and didn’t see it. Would be so fun to have Steepster on my phone :)

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Nerys said

Can the general discussion forum be subdivided into more sections perhaps?

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