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Which new features do you want the most?

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I would love the option to say how much of a tea I have in my cupboard. I don’t like adding ‘to cupboard’ when I only have a serving, but if there was an option to say how much that would be awesome. Especially useful for trading purposes.

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Can we have an automatic update to our social networks as an option. Other rating sites I use (for example: Goodreads) let me share reviews with my linked social network accounts with one click.

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Nerys said

Option for cupboard as to sizes like sample or oz/gr weight etc.

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Helena said

I want an Android App so I can use this on my tablet and smartphhone when I’m out and about. I would also like to post my teas to Google+ the same way it does to Facebook. I suppose there should be one for apple people too :)

Jen said

Ditto to the Android app!

Kaylee said


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Pandeme said

An option to sort our cupboards into sections or “shelves” so we could group our teas by types or brands that we have a lot of.

Dexter3657 said

Agreed – would really like to see more options for grouping teas. I would love to be able to shelve/sort by small samples and quantities available for swap – but can understand why other would like to group by type or brand…

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would love to see the date on reviews…. sometimes brews change, and it would be nice to see when the review was posted.

Angrboda said

If you hover the cursor over the bit where it says ‘3 days ago’ or similiar, a time stamp will appear.

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iPad/iPhone app would be great!

Pandeme said

I second that!

Lala said

Steepster is actually in the process of developing an iphone app. As far as I know, they are in the testing phase right now.

Kamyria said

Yes! Can’t wait!

Helena said

ahh than there is the wait period between the istuff until it is allowed to go to android. Oh well it will be awesome and worth the wait!

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It would be nice to be able to see the ratings of tea come up when you search for them instead of having to click on the actual page for the tea…. If you put the rating stars below the tea every time, we could decide which to click on based on rating…. Very helpful to your end user.

Helena said

I like that idea!

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-Some sort of number indication on the rating slider; it bothers me when the rating comes up higher or lower than I meant it to be because I was guessing.

-A way to sort the tea cupboard/tasting notes/shopping list by type of tea. It would be nice to be able to compare all the teas of one type that I’ve tried, own, or want.

-Sizes in the cupboard would also be great.

-A switch on tea pages that indicates whether the tea is currently being sold! It’s sad to find one that looks great and then realize it’s no longer available.

NofarS said

I second all of these fantastic ideas.

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While I can search for specific teas, it is difficult to browse. Could there be more filter options such as region of origin or even ingredients?
Great site by the way, love being able to find fellow tea-lovers!

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