Which new features do you want the most?

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I think Steepster should already know what teas they sent me, so I don’t have to search for it finding 5 identical ones :\

I’d like to be able to sort tea companies by countries they sell to. Lots can’t or wont sell to Australia so id like to be able to filter those out.

Anna said

I think this would be very helpful, but this changes fairly regularly and might be hard to keep track of.

OMGsrsly said

What would be REALLY GREAT is to discard the “load more” and have “next page” instead. I am getting so tired of trying to catch up on tasting notes, only to click a heart I’ve already clicked, so the page loads back up to the top. This happens constantly. Multiple times per day. “next page” would solve that so handily. (I’m extremely biased against endless scrolling, so YMMV.)

Angrboda said

I agree with this! We have next page/previous page on everything else except dashboard.

Anna said

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


OMGsrsly said

ALSO! In the mail section, it would be super cool to have the newest emails sort to the top. Sometimes I will get a message from someone on an old mail thread, and go back 3 pages wondering what the heck is going on.

Cavocorax said

Can you please make the hearts bigger? They’re impossible to hit on my phone, and I still miss when I’m using my tablet/mouse. It’s really annoying to click the like button and lose your place on the main page. I’ve been reading far less tasting notes because of this annoyance. (Because I want to like posts as I go)


Lala said


Cheri select said


Angrboda said

Yes, I would like this too. Or make the area bigger. Like the ‘x people liked this link’ doesn’t have to be a link to the post. There are plenty of links to the post already. Why not make that a link to like as well?

Anna said


ETA: +10, really; one for each finger.

Ubacat said

I would love to be able to sort steepsters by the type of tea they enjoy when reading tasting notes.

Jude said

It’d be helpful when writing a review to have the option to “save draft” so that we can jot initial thoughts we can return to finish/post when we have time. Currently I have to save notes on paper when I am short on time. Thanks!

Anna said

I’d be excited about a feature that helped me keep track of swaps, where I could list swaps in progress or potential future swaps. (With public/private options, obviously). Maybe a swap tab on my profile, something like that. It could show what I sent, to whom, when, &c. My OCD would also find it cool if reviews of swap teas could be linked – keeping track of the most-hated and most-beloved tea I’ve sent out would be exceptionally entertaining.

Since there’s clearly a need for that ‘who would you vouch for’ thread, it would be helpful if the swapee (uh) could add a comment to the swap in question instead – that way you can just check someone’s profile and get all that information collectively.

Angrboda said

With all the information on the tea pages there already, what about a field for alternative names? Sometimes blends change names, or the same tea gets entered twice in the database with an English name and a French name. Or, in my case, blends with Danish names, it would solve the issue of whether I should translate the name or not.
If there was a field for this on the tea page, people wouldn’t have to put all this in the actual name field, making it frequently really long and clumsy.

I am confused as to why the flavors list (for tasting notes) is so abridged. The function “add a flavor” does not work for me, so I find myself not being able to indicate or add most of the flavors which I actually taste. Some of them seem so simple, but are not among the choices offered. Salt and wine are a couple of examples.

Sorry if others have already complained about this, but when I searched for “flavors”, nothing came up.

Anna said

Some comments regarding this here: http://steepster.com/discuss/6947-the-new-tea-page

Some more comments about it here: http://steepster.com/discuss/6948-omg-steepster-has-a-new-look

…and it honestly says more about how the search is working right now that these didn’t come up, than about you, trust me. ;P

Thank you for these links, Anna!

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