Which new features do you want the most?

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It would be great if there was somewhere you could click to see all of the threads you’ve commented on. Sometimes its hard to find a thread that I comment on a few weeks ago and the search feature doesn’t really make it much easier.

Angrboda said

I think this is a good idea.

Jude said


Jude said

To boost the utility of the ‘wanted’ feature and to allow more efficient trades, it would be great to have a feature that would allow us to input a few teas and see if there is anyone who has indicated that they ‘wanted’ more than one of them. This would make trading a little less random, hit-or-miss, if we could find a quick ‘fit’.

There may be someone who is interested in trying our list of teas but they don’t have time to read all the trade offer posts or they may not be subscribed to them. And on the initiator’s end, currently we would have to look at the list of wanteds for each tea we want to trade to see if the same person has indicated wants for more than one.

It seems that the ‘want it’ feature could be made much more useful if teas wanters could be matrixed this way.

Also being able to connect those wanteds to cupboards would be supreme, especially if cupboard teas could be notated whether they’re up for trade.

Virginia said

+1 (wish I could count for more than one person on this one)

I wish we could embed pictures within posts.

Still wishing that the most recent tea reviews were the ones that popped upon the tea pages, so that I could be sure what I was reading related to the flush that was current…. Not something 2 years old….

I agree! Especially since a tea company may only slightly adjust the recipe for their teas but it has a profound effect on the taste of the tea.

Jude said

Here’s a suggestion that seems like it might be easy to program in: add the ability to sort our reviews with the same pulldown choices we have for sorting our ratings… Just now I wanted to find a review I wrote over a year ago and there are a couple hundred other reviews on the tea, so it’d be cumbersome to look for it that way. And the only way to sort my own list of reviews, that I know of, is by date or popularity of the review, neither of which will help me get to it quickly. The ability to search our reviews by a keyword would serve this function as an alternative.

Risherly said

steepster app for the Iphone =)

Cwyn said

I don’t know if there is any way to set discussion topics so it goes to the last page instead of the first page all the time. Also I would like the Notify me default to be off rather than on, and I can just turn on the ones I want to follow

Arshness said

Link to the tea on the website. I’d like to click the name of the tea and it lead me to the company’s site, tea’s page. That’s something that seemed so obvious and I was amazed it didn’t work that way by default.
Price/oz would be cool, even user-updated.

Also, on Select service? 1 tea/month for $5 instead of just a $25 price point would be awweesome.

Catherine said

I’d most like to be able to sort searches, by rating, popularity, etc.

Arshness said

Also, ability to note how much we have of a tea in our cupboard.
Not necessarily by VOLUME because I think that’d bog OCD people down in updating… but maybe “A lot”, “Some”, “A Little”, “Just a sample”, “Out”.
This would enable people to look at each other’s inventories and request tea swaps without having to list to each other “Oh not these 5. I only have one sample of those.”

+1 This is a great idea for those who are into tea swaps.

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