Which new features do you want the most?

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Cofftea said

I love how we can search for a tea by type, but how about adding more categories for a characteristic we’re looking for in that tea? Sweet, savory, buttery, sour, tart, bitter, umami, and dessert? …maybe this is where we could also find the decaf category. Also, since chai has its own category, can matcha and instant have their own categories as well? And maybe bagged and loose can be categories as well.

Cofftea said

Right now the number by “notices” doesn’t go away right way when we click on it… I clicked on it 5 times and there are no new notices but the number still says three. Please make it so the number changes promptly. I’d like to see it go down by one ever time we click on one of the notices. On a related note, I hate how when we click on one new notice they all go back to being normal font from being bold. This is especially annoying when we check our notices for the 1st time in a while. Just as the number should change as view them one by one, please have only read notices be shown in normal font and unread notices in bold.

What about a MARK ALL AS READ button for the discussions!?

Angrboda said

Yes, please, that would be useful! I’m not interested in all discussions and some (like the Black Friday one for example) aren’t relevant to me at all, but I click them quickly and then go back just so they’re not blue.


Or an X button so we could ignore threads we weren’t interested in.

Harfatum said

I would really like the ability to search for people by similarity of tea tastes. If I tend to rate Ceylon black teas highly (or even primarily drink them), it would be cool to find others who also do. Picking people at random isn’t particularly helpful for recommendations unless they are very descriptive in their reviews.

Apologies if it’s been said; I haven’t read every post in this thread.

Cofftea said

It has, but w/ 9 pages, it’s easy to miss. I’ve posted things I could swear I’ve seen but then couldn’t find them.

Cofftea said

The ability to give different aspects of tea (raw leaf smell, liquor, aroma, taste, and number of steepings possible) different ranks.

Now that I’ve been on the new format a few days and figured things out, a new feature I’d like to see is a Comments tab on my Dashboard, for comments those I Follow make on Tealogs. I have been having to scroll through the past day or two of Tasting Notes in my Dashboard to check for new comments on Tealogs.

Angrboda said
Message deleted by author.
Evergreen said

Sorry if this has been covered already, but surely I am not the only one who cooks with tea? A cookbook sector being a forum, or a place to put in recipes like you can put in teas, or anything really to share your culinary side of tea would be nice.

Cofftea said

+ like 259,000, not just 1 LOL

Cofftea said

check out teachef.com- also if your in a position to purchase books, there are some on amazon.

Cofftea said

check out the Cooking w/ Tea thread.

Also…what about a Personal Company Count like they do for the teas in Cupboard, Teas on Shopping List, Teas Logged, etc??? I’d LOVE to see the number of companies I have logged (for variety reasons) but then again, I’m a nerd when comes to this stuff! LOL

Rijje said

Dear SteepsterGods! Please make a edit botton on comments?
Normally I can correct myself when I very eskimooly forget to doublecheck my spelling. But not on the comments! – thanks for the new dashboard by the way <3

Cofftea said

LOVE the new updates- especially the extra emails. But one says “email me when someone sends me a PM”- how do I view my own PMs or send them to others?

Cofftea said

Also, it’d be nice to get all updates by email and have the ability to completely disable the dashboard. Since “so-and-so replied to so-and-so topic” doesn’t take you to the specific comment, that feature is pretty useless. I end up spending too much time fishing for it. I love reading my updates in my email so I don’t need to see them over again. Some “notices” and “recent activity” are duplicates already anyway.

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