Which new features do you want the most?

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Love the updates, especially being able to see when people you Follow comment on Tealogs and delete-edit on comments. PMs will be awesome too when they debut.

Angrboda said

Now that we can better decide what we want email notifications about and what we don’t want emails about, could it be possible to expand this to what we would like to see in recent activity and in notices on the dashboard too? I’ve noticed that I’m beginning to get notices when people have commented on something that I have liked but not commented on and it’s a bit confusing for me when I get 20 notices, most of which don’t really involve me. Alternatively I’ll have to start being way more stingy with my ‘likes’, and I’d rather not do that…

I, on the other hand, like being able to see what’s being commented on in my Notices. I knew I wasn’t seeing all the comments being left but wasn’t sure how it was selecting which to show so thanks for pointing out that it’s based on which Tealogs you “like”. I also like “liking” Tealogs. Just wanted to put my two cents out there as well.

Angrboda said

I just think maybe it fits better under recent activity, and notices should be for comments for my posts or posts I’ve commented on. But then maybe I’m not really deciphering the way the ‘like’ feature works right. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, I don’t know. For now I’ll just tighten my own ‘guidelines’ for liking something, so I don’t drown in notices. I can’t remember which I’ve commented on and which I’ve just liked.
ETA: And now I just got a notification that I wrote this. I have to admit that made me laugh. :D

Yeah, I know I’m getting them for more Tealog comments than just the Tealogs I’ve commented on. I’m about to get my notification of this post. =)

Cofftea said

Spell check, colored font, and smiley emoticons.

Oolonga said

Many browsers have a spell check built in, why overload steepster with it?

Cofftea said

We have a shopping list, how about a shopping cart?

Ricky admin said

A button to add to shopping cart on the dashboard for the tasting notes.

Cofftea said

How about the ability to make the shopping list public to non steepster members like on amazon to make gift giving easier? (Especially great for teawares!=p)

Cofftea said

What about allergy markers like milk, soy, and gluten free as well as kosher? That way a person can click on the categories that would be safe/acceptable to them and would be shown immediately what teas on steepster fit those qualifications?

Cofftea said

Search by country of origin.

Tea4Me said

I noticed my cupboard now says “drank 1 time” instead of “logged 1 time”. Is there a way to change the number? I’ve drank more than it says but because I logged it only once, it says I drank it only once. So for anyone looking through my cupboard, yes, I do drink more than one cup of tea per box/tin, but I don’t feel the need to write about it every time I have a cup to get the number to be accurate.

Cofftea said

No. It means the same thing, but the verbage is just changed. And for the better in in my opinion.:)

drhiphop said

I agree w/ Tea4Me, esp. if there might also be a time-sensitive feature paired with how many times something is consumed. For example, if I finish all the tea in short amount time, we know it’s good, versus drinking it once and leaving it in the cupboard for ten years.

Which reminds me, at present while one can sort the cupboard from latest to earliest, exact dates of addition are not available. This might also be a helpful feature to avoid that ten year problem I just spoke of, and get some more folks cooking, icing, or making beauty products and other goods out of bad tea, which all contributes to more content for Steepster.

Marlena said


Cofftea said

I agree, especially since the smilies are at weird points (which I think should be changed). It’d be nice to be able to hover your curser over the point you have your slider and have the number show.

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