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Organic Loose Leaf Blooming Tea - Take 20% Off This Week?

Beach Flower –
A delicately hand-crafted blooming green tea that unfolds to reveal an exotic flower, with essences of lychee and cantaloupe. This loose leaf tea’s fruity essence is good for any time of day.

Halo –
A beautifully hand-crafted halo blooming white tea that displays a ring of jasmine and amaranth flowers, with blueberry and peach essence.

Jasmine Blossom –
A smooth blooming jasmine green tea that uncovers a beautiful pink flower, with fruity and floral notes..


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I LOVE Blooming or Flowering Teas! They are a work of art!!!!! I have to say I have tried your Halo and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m looking forward to the Beach Flower, too!

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I was gifted one blooming tea ball and I’ve been saving it for a couple months now. They seem so special and only a few steeps out of one so I never want to drop the cash on them.

However, last night (while I was ordering my sample extravaganza) I showed my husband those blooming teas – especially the Halo one – and told him to buy me some! I rather have pretty flowery tea to enjoy than actual flowers!

That’s awesome. If you placed your order last night you should get a nice surprise when you get your package ;)

I just received my order – SWEEEET! Awesome sample! ♥

Awesome! hope you enjoy.

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Sil select said

I’ve yet to try a blooming tea but man are they beautiful. The bright yellow of the Beach flower makes me smile.

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I really enjoy flowering/blooming teas, although I don’t take the time to enjoy them as often as perhaps I should. I have tried the Halo Blooming Tea from Persimmon Tree, and here is my review of it: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/02/06/halo-blooming-tea-from-persimmon-tree-tea/

It was not only beautiful but also tasty.

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Blooming teas are quite beautiful, even a work of art. They carry an attractive fragrance that calls out your palates and are enchanting just to look at… but for some reason they don’t seem to be so popular, why could that be?

Sil select said

Not sure. I know from my perspective I haven’t yet tried them because i don’t have a glass tea pot. It seems silly to have one without being able to watch it bloom. :)

Uniquity said

For me, they seem a bit more time intensive. I know it doesn’t really make sense, but I like to have time to devote to a bloom – to watch it open, enjoy the steeping and then do some more. Typically, I don’t seem to have that time. : (

Kiaharii said

I’ve only experienced very bland tasting ones, so it could be that people have a bad experience and don’t explore. Also, they tend to be better with company (to show off!) and I don’t have a lot of friends close by that drink tea.

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Azzrian said

I will have to order Halo which I have heard wonderful things about and would love to try Beach Flower as well. Next time I am able to place an order I will get some! :)

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Hey everyone, happy late Monday! Hope y’all had a great steeping weekend and hope that everyone who ordered their tea last week has gotten it by now. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you about the likes and dislikes. We appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback.

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I just ordered the Beach Flower! Sounds delicious! I used to do blooming teas, but then I broke my cute little blooming teapot and haven’t gotten around to replacing it :( I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to make the one I just ordered, actually… Any suggestions? I really only have a cuisinart electric brewer… (Similar to Breville one tough)

Uniquity said

A big clear bowl? I’ve seen them done in wine glasses quite beautifully, if you have one with a big bowl. I did one in a see-through travel mug once.

momo said

A glass measuring cup works pretty well if you just turn it to ignore the measuring lines for the time being haha.

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Make it a blooming week! As a thank you for giving us your feedback on our blooming teas, use this coupon (BloomingSt33pst3r) at checkout when you purchase any of our blooming teas and receive 20% off your purchase, good through Sunday, August 12, 2012. PLUS all orders over $30 are getting FREE SHIPPING and 5 FREE SAMPLES.

happy steeping y’all!

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