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dbjones said

Heady Tea?

So, I’ve never heard of, or experienced, a “high” from tea. I’ve done my share of recreational indulgence and know that there’s pretty much no way that tea will reproduce those effects. However, I’m not looking for that. What I am looking for, is what I’ve experienced, only mildly, a few times: headiness. I’ve noticed with a few different teas (Swiss Vervaine Milange, Rooibos Tropica, Silver Needle), a slight headiness. I don’t know whether this was the result of tea or other factors; probably both. So, I thought I’d poll the experts – you – to find out more about the heady effects of tea. What do you say?

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For maximum headiness, look for raw puerh that has some age and strength. If you want to break your bank account, look for something like Lao Ban Zhang. If you want something less expensive but still strong, try something like Ba Da Shan. Load up a gaiwan with too much tea (like 10g -15g) and have a slow session of 15 steeps. You will fly away.

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For me, I experience this with raw pu’erh, Japanese green tea and sometimes white tea.

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Azzrian said

Raw Pu-erh and Dong Ding Oolong

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lesserwing said

I’ve had an Sativa type of clarity off of a very nice first flush Darjeeling, but nothing beyond that, not even with sheng pu. That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten many good vibes from tea, just not a distinct headiness.

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Our Organic Daba Mountain Jade provides a nice little “buzz”.

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Silver Buds Yabao from Verdant Tea lots of theanine in that one, I was pleasantly “drunk”, plus its naturally sweet, piney and super unique!

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I’ve commented on these sensations on my tealog quite a bit lately. In my case, from Pu’ers.

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