Zeks said

Verdant Tea is EvilCorps

Just when you decide that you should stop buying more they introduce something new … every time without fail >_

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Lindsay said

I just put in a decent sized order a few days ago, and now I learn that there is a Chocolate Phoenix Chai???? Come on, man!


Kittenna said

Hahahahaha I hear you on this! I’ve given up trying to order everything they put out, even though I want to try it all! Chocolate Phoenix Chai may cause me to cave though.

Same here, just ordered a nice size amount of tea when the Summer Laoshan green came out (which by the way is delicious). 2 hours later the newsletter comes out with a coupon that I could’ve used. Then a few days later the Chocolate Phoenix Chai comes out?! oy vey!

Helena said

oh no, I but in my first ever order to them and from what I’m reading I’ll be addicted… oh well at least it’s healthy :D (I need more money before I can do the tea of the month thing)

Sil select said

Oh god..don’t et me started on the tea of the month…..

Helena said

let me guess, you tried it? or want to? a lot of people on steepster seem to at one point have been on Verdant’s tea of the month and enjoyed it :D

Sil select said

Trying to find the money to try it haha

I thought about doing it, but I’ve already tried most of their teas by now anyway!

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