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Lynxiebrat said


Do you drink tea? And do you have particular activities that you do while drinking tea?

I drink tea because I love the calming feeling it gives me. I usually drink it in the Evenings, though lately been drinking it in the afternoon. In addition to calming, it also invokes a contemplative mood in me. I am a writer I use that mood to figure out where to go next in a story. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

So how about you?

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darby select said

I feel it’s healthier than pop/soda and coffee. Coffee seemed to weigh me down. It’s probably my most healthy addiction! LOL

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Helena said

I stopped drinking pop/soda and mostly drink tea except for the few times when I like to have a glass of milk instead :D I find drinking some teas in the morning help set the tone for the day… or after a stressful day I’ll drink others to help calm me down. Either way I’m drinking tea :D

Scott B said

As delicious, nutritious and cruelty-free as soy and almond milk are, I don’t want to get too many calories from liquids, so tea is a great healthy option that offers lots of variety.

Helena said

yes I know you have a problem with the fact that I eat meat and drink cow milk. By the way a fun yet gross fact for you… Pigs will start to eat people if they lay still for a few minutes… they will not wait until your dead, so will rats. Moral of the story don’t sleep or get knocked out on a pig farm :D

DaisyChubb said

Okay Scott, Helena is not the only person on Steepster to drink milk and eat bacon – I’m doing it right now, in fact.

No need to pick on one member of our community, although she’s taking it quite gracefully, Steepster is not a place anyone should feel attacked. If I was in Helena’s position, I would certainly be feeling attacked right now, but even if she doesn’t, reading your comments is making me feel uncomfortable in my safe place.

Scott B said

Daisy-Graceful? “By the way a fun yet gross fact for you… Pigs will start to eat people if they lay still for a few minutes…” Real graceful. Stay classy, Helena.

Daisy,you are right about one thing-Steepster is not a place where anyone should feel attacked. So, maybe Helena should have thought of that before attacking vegetarians and vegans in trying to hijack the “Being judged for Drinking Tea?” thread-which had NOTHING to do with veganism or animal cruelty. Helena is an instigator.

Helena-Shouldn’t you be out clubbing some baby seals or something? You are a very immature, petty person who seems to enjoy trying to offend veg*ns. What is your major malfunction? If you can say you like cow’s milk, I can say I like soy milk. Oh, how OFFENSIVE that is. So provocative that TWO people try to irritate me because I said I like soymilk. That makes you feel uncomfortable Daisy?! But the idea of Helena telling me not to go to sleep or rats will eat me-that’s graceful and you’re okay with THAT?! I could describe things very graphically and post links to videos that would revolt everyone, but I haven’t done that. So, why the escalation over a comment about soymilk, Helena?

I have 99 reviews here and I rarely mention veganism, and certainly never attempt to proselytize. I don’t come here to fight, but I am not going to take your abuse. This is a TEA website for crying out loud, maybe you should stick to that instead of trying to antagonize others. I’m sure others don’t want to see this dispute either. So, maybe you two should give it a rest. I have no interest in further “dialogue” with either one of you.

Angrboda said

Wow Scott… really? Could you please explain to me which part of her stating that other people had attempted to make her become a vegetarian and she didn’t want to be one was an attack on vegans and vegetarians? I may have a very tiny small brain, but I really for the life of me cannot see it. She used it as a freaking example, for crying out loud!

You, however, trolling completely unrelated comments and telling her to ‘go club some seals’ THAT IS an attack. As you just pointed out yourself, this is a TEA website, so why are YOU bringing it up again in a completely different thread?

Helena likes her milk to come out of a cow. So do I, in fact. So do many other users on the site. Please to be settling yourself down and dealing with this like an adult. Thank you.

momo said

Wow Scott. I saw what Helena said in that thread and uh your reaction seemed to be the perfect embodiment of what bothers her about some vegan/vegetarian people. She wasn’t attacking anyone. Every group of people has some obnoxious subgroup, whether it’s by what you eat or what you drive. It was an EXAMPLE and that is all I saw it as and I’m sure many other people did too…clearly. It’s really tiring to see YOU actually doing the attacking.

Oh and I drink coconut milk. So come at me bro.

Jason admin said

We appreciate the passionate discussion but let’s keep things friendly and tea-focused, thanks. (I’m one of the founders fyi)

Helena said

Thanks Jason I couldn’t have said it better myself. Drink tea and be happy :D

Scott B said

So, not one single person thinks Helena’s comments about pig and rats eating people is offensive? At all? It was intended to gross me out-she even says so. But I guess all the non-vegans stick together.

The original topic at hand was being “Being judged for drinking tea” – not “mean vegans are trying to convert me”. What if Helena had complained about Muslims/GLBT/Jews or any other minority in that thread? Would that have been just as cool too? Or are vegans the only disfavored minority allowed to be attacked for no reason? I think Helena fully intended her comments to be bullying and provocative-it is well-known to anyone who reads the forums that there are many vegetarians and vegans here. But, I guess we are not allowed to challenge unprovoked hate. If vegans were pressuring Helena in real life, why lash out here, on a tea forum?

This topic is way away from tea at this point. Jason, if you want to lock it, I understand. I’ve made my point and I will drop it if everyone else does.

Jason admin said

Let’s just consider this dropped.

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Basically the reason my display picture says. It evokes a feeling of calmness, hapiness, tranquility.

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Lynxiebrat said

I’ve recently stopped drinking pop/soda as well, and for the most part I don’t miss it. The last time I had A&W’s Cream Soda (Which was my absolute favorite.) I got a headache from all the sugar and a little bit of dizziness. I do on occasion drink tea in the morning though only because I’m craving a particular tea. But that is rare.

Helena said

I’m curious as to what you write. Novels, short stories I just want to know if it’s something I may have read.

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Tea tastes good. That’s about it for me. And I enjoy blogging it.

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It adds variety to my day! If I have a ton of teas to choose from, it’s a fun choice to make, much better than most other choices! My dry eyes like all the H2O too. And I also love writing about what I think of them on steepster.

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I love the calming effect of tea, with also the “wake up” effect of mate teas. Calming is important as it would help me stay grounded despite working being really stressful. I also drink teas to soothe achey stomach or sore throat.

The selection of tea is awesome too!

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Epi Tea said

Years ago, I was a very heavy coffee drinker. So my first reasons for drinking tea (black teas in particular) were to reduce my caffeine intake but still get the morning kick that I needed.

Nowadays, tea has become a regular part of my life. I probably drink 8-9 cups of various kinds of tea per day. Black teas in the morning, green in the afternoon and herbal at night. To be honest, I just cant get enough of the stuff!

I think what really got me interested in tea at first, apart from the caffeine content, was the history. Being a huge history geek, I fell in love with the beverage that began nearly 5,000 years ago and has effected the course of entire nations and empires since then.

Most of the time I drink tea while working. It brings a sense of calmness and relaxation that wards off stress and keeps me focused. However, on weekends and the like, you could just as easily find me knee deep in a historical narrative.

I suppose that in general tea to me is: a way to share something in common with the billions of tea drinkers past and present, despite cultural, social or philosophical differences. Despite all the differences in the world, we can all agree that tea brings something special to our lives.

Kiaharii said

Do you have recommendations for a book about the history of tea? I like that part about tea and have been looking for something to read about it.

Epi Tea said

Thats an excellent question actually. Most of the historical reading that I’ve done has been through reference source databases like JSTOR, I have never actually personally come across a history book about tea like in a Barnes & Noble or something. At least one that wasn’t designed to be a coffee table display book.

Although, doing a quick google search I think I may have to pick up this book. it seems to be a good read about the larger scope of tea and its impact on the human condition.


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THX2250 said

It helps me to pay attention to the here and now

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ChrisG said

it helps me pause and focus on just one thing…plus there’s endless ways to brew, taste & experience tea, I’m generally attracted to things like that.

it’s great for the work I do (creative). all day I’m solving other peoples design problems and making some tea can be my time away from that…just made some in fact.

I try to just focus on the tea and just starting to get into brewing my little gongfu style.

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