Ferronic said

Variable Temp. Kettles: Breville or Cuisinart?

I just discovered that I have almost enough points to get either the:
Breville Variable Temperature Tea Kettle or the Cuisinart Perfect Temp Kettle.

I’m not sure which one I should go for, so what’s everyone’s experience with either of these? Is either one particularly better?

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Azzrian said

I absolutely love my Breville. I know nothing of the Cuisinart but the Breville is amazing!
There are a lot of reviews for it on here. Check them out!

I personally have not tried either product, but I do have the Breville One-Touch tea maker, and I love it.

The experience I have had with cuisinart products has not been positive. I’ve owned a couple of different products and they both broke down after two years – they lasted long enough to outlive their warranty but not long enough for me to recommend them.

I own the Cusinart perfect temp kettle – does the job, very fast. Cheaper of the two kettles too! We bought it early this year and my household uses it 3-6 times a day with no issues.

However, I need to keep the husband away from it, he put stock in it for risotto and it was a PITA to clean when I found it the next morning. The lid part is kinda narrow, so I’d just stick to just hot water… no boiling eggs in it.

Azzrian said

Oops and I too have the one touch tea maker – not the variable temp kettle – sorry I didn’t read it correctly.

devvyleys said

I’m the same as LiberTEAS. I’ve got the Breville One-Touch, and couldn’t do without it now. I can’t say that any Breville product has ever let me down. If I didn’t need all the self-brewing, reminder beeps and keep warm functions (that a mother with both a baby & a toddler needs) I probably would have gone with just the Breville vari-temp kettle.

Ferronic said

Sweet. Thanks for all the quick replies. I think I’m aiming for the breville variable temp. one. Its a bunch more reward points, but in the end it’ll be pretty much free so, I think it’ll be worth saving the points til then. =)

Lynxiebrat said

Lucky! In June I had gotten a Cuisinart Variable Temp. Kettle, I love it! I had wanted to get the Breville, but when I saw that BB&B had a cheaper type kettle, that with a %20 coupon, I knew that I should go for the cheaper. I only use mine for water, I never boil anything else in it, (less to clean up!) And use it averagely once a day. (Occasionally twice.) If I get a better job soon, I might reward myself by getting the Breville, but doubt I would ever get the 1-touch, I am the only looseleaf tea drinker in the house, and rarely make more then a cup’s worth, and plus even if I do make more then 1 cup, I don’t drink the same thing. So, the variable temp suites me and my needs.

Alex said

I have a the Cuisinart kettle/steeper, and I’m really disappointed with it. While it makes very good tea, the timer on it doesn’t work all the time and I’ve only had it a year. For $125 the timer should freaking work, you’d think. It’s also rather messy to clean. I’m seriously considering going back to my boring variable-temp kettle and my IngenuiTeas…

darky said

that brevelle ketlle, is it for sale in europe? can’t seem to find it around my town in belgium

Josie Jade said

My fiancé surprised me with the Chef’s Choice Electric Kettle and I’m really happy with it so far. The only negative is that is does take slightly longer (though not by much) to heat water, but that’s because it keeps sensing the temperature, which is displayed on the display and changes as the water temp increases. I love it because I can pick any random temp to set it to, and it will be accurate. I’ve been using a Cuisinart PerfeTemp for about a year and was happy with that, but if you want to be able to choose your temp setting the Chef’s Choice is great!

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