Variable Temp. Kettles: Breville or Cuisinart?

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Breville all the way!

Lynxiebrat said

Argh I wish I had gotten that, instead of my Cuisinart. I mean I still like it, but with some of the teas I’ve been trying out, with them needing unusual temps, makes me feel fussy that I can’t set it to what it says, I have to with the next best thing, which is go with the preset button for that type of tea, or go for lower.

Josie Jade said

That’s exactly what I was running into. If I didn’t like a tea I worried it was because I wasn’t using the correct water temp. I’ve seen a lot of people selling their Cuisinarts or Brevilles on Ebay or Amazon, so that’s an option if you decide to upgrade and you old one is still in good condition. We’re ending up keeping both because my fiancee prefers the old one.

i have the variable temp breville and I.LOVE.IT. i’ve only had it for 2 weeks but it DOES get a boat load of use on our days off. if i had to make a complaint about something, i would say it’s not being able to pick my own temperature on the kettle. i mean, if i HAD to pick something…

we also have a sweet toaster oven by breville. it was one of the higher priced ones. the temperature knob broke within a handful of months and they gave us a new one, next model up at that! the whole transaction took maybe a week, which is super impressive. there was no running around, like with some companies when it comes to warranty stuff. i totally understand that sometimes things break, and definitely do not hold the broken toaster oven against them. their speed and ease with correcting the issue definitely over rides the break.

Josie Jade said

That’s so nice that they replaced it right away. I think both Breville and Cuisinart are good companies in terms of customer service. I hope that Chef’s Choice is too if I run into any issues, I don’t really know a whole lot about their products but it got good reviews.

For all the Breville owners, do you find it to be really loud as the water heats up? I had the basic Breville Electric Kettle for a number of years. It sat atop the counter that separated the TV room and the kitchen. If someone was watching TV, they would have to turn the volume up to be able to hear over the loudness of the water kettle heating up! Just curious. I’m in the market for a new electric tea kettle!

Sil select said

I suppose it is a little loud. Nothing out of this world, but yeah it could be a bit quieter i suppose.

ashmanra said

I love my Krups, but my second choice with the Chef’s Choice!

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