Azzrian said

Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

Its Chamomile today:

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Only today – Caramel Matcha 50%OFF.

I’ve been wanting to try your matchas for awhile now and this sale is awesome sauce! /drooool

The caramel one is amazing! Those of you out there who are curious to try matcha, get this one! I think it’s even on the first page of top rated teas on Steepster! Or it was last time I checked a few weeks ago…
If I didn’t still have some, I’d be all over this. :)

Babble said

What other matchas have you offered for sale besides this and the chamomile? And how often do you put them on sale?


Azzrian said

He just started the sale thing this past week – he has had non matchas on sale as well.

Uniquity said

The chocolate matcha was tempting, but I held strong. Until today. : )

I can resist this one since I already have the caramel in my stash…

Red Leaf! You’re KILLING ME! lol – I really WANT to place an order…but…DH would have a FIT…eeeek

Uniquity said

Dooooooo it. : )

Sil select said

uniquity! stop it lol

Uniquity said

Wasn’t me!

Rachel: We offer matcha and other kinds of tea on sale. Each day there is a different tea on sale. What teas will be on sale, not sure yet. It’s pretty much random for now.

HUGE SALE: We have to find room for more matcha tea coming in on Monday and need to free some space.
From now till Monday we selling Blooming Tea Sampler (8 Teas) , while supplies last
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Buy 2 Get 3 FREE
Our biggest sale yet!!
Please spread the word :-)

Azzrian said

Very nice!

Next Friday, I would like to make a one day sale. This time not 50%OFF but only 30%, BUT you get to pick which matcha goes on sale. The most popular vote will win. Post your preference

Alphakitty said

Cheesecake or Bavarian Cream!

Probably not going to win this but I’m voting for Almond!

Azzrian said

I would go with almond! That sounds yummy! Although I would not post it as a reply as it could get missed!

Good point! gotta make sure I get my vote in!

Azzrian said

I vote cheesecake – because I don’t have the one :)

I vote cotton candy!

but if you happen to choose one that I’ve already ordered, I guess that will be OK too, because then I don’t need to order it again. LOL

Babble said

I vote Bavarian Cream because I’ve heard such great things about it.

Almond please! I’m not trying to vote twice. Just making sure my voice is heard. :)

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