Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Is it too late? I’d like to participate.

It’s not too late :-)
Your code is LSN25

yay!! thank you!!! :)

following Red Leaf Tea

Could I get a code? I’ve sent an e-mail with my info. Thank you!

Already emailed to you. Let me know if you did not get it or if you have any questions.

Update: Azzrian has already earned 3! FREE Matcha teas!! Great job!

Azzrian said

How does one go about ordering their free teas? And is there a way to get a running total or do we just email you? Thanks for this program I hope you are getting a ton of new customers! :)

Azzrian: I have just sent you an email. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Azzrian said

Got it thanks! :)

I’m trying to submit my info for the reviewers discount and I don’t know my order number, what do I do? I’ve done all the other steps!

ashmanra said

Sign in to your account on Red Leaf and click on your past orders. Your order number is listed there!

it says that I’m not registered, I entered my email address to get my password :( wahhh

ashmanra said

Contact them on their site! I am sure they will have the number and they were so helpful and patient with me when I first started doing the reviews. I messed up a lot! :)

if you do not have the order # than send the info that you have. The reason we’d like to see the order number is to make sure you review is based on product you purchased and not something you just made up to get the discount.
Just submit your info here and if I have any questions, I’ll email you :-)

thank you so much!! just submitted it :)

Sarah C. just earned 2 free matcha teas. Congratulations!!

Sil select said

woot woot! Thank you! Hopefully a few more to come after this weekend heh.

2 new products:
Raspberry & Cream Matcha
Mint Chocolate Matcha

Oh no mint chocolate my favorite combo! That is dangerous!

Sil select said

oh man… mint chocolate…rasberry cream! damnit!

Azzrian said

I mix mint and chocolate all of the time it is SO SO GOOD! Great combo and I am so getting the other!

Sil select said

Can we get both these flavours added to the combo packs? (5+2 and 10+5?)

Rick van B. just earned 2 free matcha teas. Congratulations!!

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