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Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

1471 Replies

Also, you can suggest more than one. You never know which one can be the one.

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Alphakitty said

Jasmine Kiss
Jasmine Allure

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Azzrian said

Jasmine Dreams

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Flowery Jasmine
Sweet Jasmine
Ethereal Jasmine
Jasmine Heaven
Heavenly Jasmine
Classic Jasmine
Green Jasmine

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Jasmine Spring
Spring Jasmine
Jasmine Envy

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MissLena said

Fresh Jasmine
Midnight Jasmine
Evening Jasmine
Lucious Jasmine
Moonlight Jasmine
Moonlit jasmine
Jasmine star

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“Oriental Jasmine” is the winner.
Sweet Canadian please contact us with your address so that we can ship the prize to you.
Congratulations :-)

ashmanra said

Woot! Woot! You go, Sweet Canadian! Congratulations, and enjoy your free tea!

Yay! Wow ok I will message it to you, though I already have an account on Red Leaf :)

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We need to free some space for new matcha flavors, therefor we are making a special sale for few items.
This is the biggest sale ever – 70% OFF. See here:

are these blends currently on sale going to be discontinued?

Yes, these products will be available until it runs out. We are making room for new products. We’ll not be getting any more of those :-(

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Red Leaf: Question, do you no longer have the matcha sampler available? My birthday is coming up, and I would love more matcha, but in order to put something on my birthday list I need to actually tell people what I want. I was hoping to get a try a bunch of different kinds, and asking for the buy 3+1 or 5+2 might confuse my famjam.

I’m sorry,but the samples program was not popular enough and it was cancelled.

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I’m one of the people to when I help at something, I like to see the final results. If you are one of those people, below you will find the results of Matcha Samples Program. Sadly, I’m still missing a few. If you are one of them, please get it done by the end of this week. I’m working on new products for testing, it it will be available ONLY to people that have already proven to send results.
White Tea #1: 4,3,2,1,6
White Tea #2: 1,4,7,2,9
White Tea #3: 2,6,5,3,3
Green Tea #4: 1,6,3,5,2,6
Green Tea #5: 9,10,4,4,5,9
Green Tea #6: 6,3,7,5,8
Black Tea #8: 6,3,7,5,8
Black Tea #9: 8,1,6,6,8

ashmanra said

Thank you for letting us know! I heard an interesting broadcast on NPR last night about the collective opinions of a crowd being highly accurate even when individual opinions were not. I hope these numbers help you choose the best products for your company to carry!

Frolic select said

Sorry I took so long! Just got mine in. Thank you for the opportunity to try new teas. I had never even heard of white and black matchas before now. I think I prefer the green overall but some flavors might be best with white or black bases.

Alphakitty said

Interesting to see all the responses! There’s so much variety (for example Green #5 getting 10s and 4s!). I’m wondering if you got my submission—I think I rated #6 a 9 or 10 but I don’t see it there? I sent it in a week or so ago.

Alphakitty: Did you use the form to give us your review or regular email? If regular email, I may have missed it. If there is any way to resend it or to tell me the date when you sent it, please let me know so that I can mark that I got your review :-)

Alphakitty said

I sent it via the form, 8 days ago (name Leah Bayer). If you didn’t get it I will gladly send it again, I have all my notes on them saved ^^

Yes, I got it :-)
I hope I can count on your help for the new upcoming products as well.

How about people who didn’t respond to this thread on time, but are extremely reliable? will it be open to them/aka me?

sweet more hyper matcha testing! Maybe next time, shoot an email just to confirm you received our form.

dwmshunt said

I, too, try to help out anyway I can and I cannot apologize enough for not sending this earlier before things got away from me :-( I sent in my results via email today. Hope you got it.

Alphakitty said

I am up for any and all matcha testing! You have singlehandedly made me into a matcha addict, can’t go a day without a mug or two ^^

ashmanra said

@yappychappy: Dude, it would be inhuman if you didn’t get to do this next time around as much as you have wanted to do it. If I get a spot and you don’t, I will give you my spot!

aw, ashmanra…you are so sweet! haha, maybe you dont have to give up your spot if Red Leaf will open it to new testers.

another newbie matcha addict wanting to sign up. i missed getting into the referral program before this too…(cute puppy dog eyes)

Donna A said

Thanks for posting the final results. I used the form, so I’m assuming you got my results, but I thought I gave #3 a 1, so can you verify that you did get mine because I want to participate in the next test.

getting final results is always great. @ashmanra haha. thanks but I wouldnt accept that silly. I didn’t do that much! I just saw it late and asked. Okay I may have begged.

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