Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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I’d love to participate!!

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I’d be very very interested in participating too. Not sure if you’re accepting new applicants, but I’m very reliable and would very much appreciate the opportunity. :)

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To clear the field: I will have 2 product tests:
1. For unflavored green tea. 3 different samples.
2. Flavored latte mix. Just add mild and ice :-)
I hope to have it ready next week. Priority will go to people that have already tested my teas before and supplied results. In the next 15 minutes I will confirm ALL reviews submissions, so I you do not get confirmation, please contact me.

Sil select said

Sounds fantastic – totally keen on testing the flavoured latte mixes since that’s how i drink my matcha. Mostly though, looking forward to seeing what else you come up with as you roll out these new products :)

Cavocorax said

If there are any openings, I’d be interested. I… I’ve never had matcha, but I am intrigued by the lattes!

Alphakitty said

Latte mixes? That sounds so interesting (and convenient, given how many lattes I drink!)

I would like to get in on the Unflavored Green, if there are still openings.

yssah said

lining up for flavored latte tester

Donna A said

When you begin this, I’ll be most interested in trying the flavored latte mix. Lately I’ve been drinking them every day. I just put in an order for my favorite, which is Caramel, and also trying something new, Belgium Chocolate black matcha. Can’t wait to get them!

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Product testing is officially open :-)
If you’d like to take part of Flavored Matcha Latte Mix Samples please go here:
This is not available to public and it can only be accessed by this link.
Few things to mind:
1. All orders for those samples will be shipped at the end of next week. It’s easier to make them all at the same time.
2. I’m still tweaking the formula, but there should be 3-4 different samples. Could be more, if it is, don’t be surprised :-)
3. Availability is limited. I’m considering 10-15 people only. First come, first served.
4. Price is only $1, but you pay for the shipping.
5. Link to the review page is not created yet. I will list it as soon as I have the questions ready.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
As always, suggestions are welcomed.

teapot1 said

Yea~This is perfect!

cool, more hyper guineapig matcha times!

ashmanra said

I definitely want to participate! See additional note below!

Sil select said

Woot! exciting :)

Oh – Does the latte mix contain milk or non dairy creamer?

Azzrian said

Awesome thanks!

I’m still working on the final ingredients, but the samples will not have any milk or dairy/non-diary creamer. I doubt that the final version will have those as well.

ashmanra said

I am guessing they will have a sweetener added. Could you let us know what that is? Some of us are allergic to various ones.

yssah said

i got in! ^^ do reviews for the lattes count for the GC too?

I hope I got in as I just paid (: And I picked up a matcha scoop while at it!

momo said

hooray, having them sent to my parents’ so I have something to do while watching the dog nap on spring break

Cavocorax said

Thanks for the opportunity! I figure $9 shipping is totally worth it if it means I’ll get to finally try matcha (and Red Leaf is pretty much synonymous with matcha in my head).

ashmanra: There will be cane sugar. No artificial sweeteners. We want to use only natural ingredients.
Love is Tea (LIT): Reviews on samples do NOT count towards earning GC. Sorry, we can’t give you free product AND credits for using it.
yappychappy: Yes you did get in :-).
Cavocorax: Have you ordered anything else with the samples? $9 for shipping sounds too much. It should have been much less. Let me know your order # and I can check it for you.

Everyone: Thank you for participating. The program for Matcha Latte Mix is not officially closed and the link will not work any more. I will update you when the samples ship.

ashmanra said

Hooray for cane sugar! I was hoping it would be either cane or beet! Cane is probably best since more folks are allergic to beet than cane. I had a reaction to an herbal blend and it had to be either stevia or elderflower that got to me since those were the only ingredients in the blend I had never had. Thank you for the info!

Hello! I got in as well and the shipping for me was also $9.00, I too am in Canada. Is that the norm? (not that I mind if it is, but considering your comment above I thought I should enquire :))

Order# 2170

Sil select said

To canada it was 9$ shipping, US was 3.25? i think. I had it shipped to my friend in US because of the increased cost between the countries. Stupid USPS :)

Yes, shipping to Canada is expensive now and the price of $9 is correct :-(

Not your fault!! :)

So do the newbies get some instructions for all of this review business?

Yes, everyone we’ll get the instructions. I will supply everyone with the link to the survey and instructions on how to use the product, but if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask any time. All help in this matter is appreciated, including questions.

I’m confused why my shipping was $9.99$ when shipping for just the scoop is 2.07? Was that in error? Order: #2178

Yappychappy: During check out you had options for the following shipping fees:
USPS First Class (5-10 days) – $3.09
USPS Priority (2-4 days) – $5.85
Flat Rate (3-8 Days) – $9.99
USPS Express (1-2 days) – $28.30
It looks like you have picked option #3 for $9.99.

i chose the cheapest option listed. is there any way for me to change that now?

Cavocorax said

Red Leaf Tea- I’m in Canada so it looks like the shipping price was correct. Not a big deal – I wanted an intro to matcha, and this seems like a pretty easy way to do it! I regret NOTHING! Bahahah :P

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Call me vain, but I like reading reviews of my products plus it helps with SEO and marketing. Til the end of April I will change the percentage that Gift Certificates can pay for orders from 30% to 50% for matcha reviews. Hope you will take the advantage of it.

Awesome! thank you!! I need to work on my sipdowns so I can order more asap :D

Babble said

So to confirm if we already have a GC it’ll pay for 50% of the order? Or this is only for new reviews?

To make it easier, how about after I get a new review, I will change the whole GC amount to 50% (combine the new and existing amount).

Sil select said

oh man…I wonder if i have a flavour i haven’t opened yet…this is totally incentive to check and if not, to order lol

Sil, I’m sure there we have flavors you have not tried yet. This weekend there will be at least one more:
French Butter Cookie Matcha. Doesn’t this sound delicious?

BoxerMama said

Yay! I still have two reviews to write!

I just placed an order with the distinctive flavoring for the first time and used my GC…I can’t wait to try these flavors!! I sometimes am too lazy to buy the liter bottles of Polar seltzer that I typically take to work with me so I’ve been mixing my matcha into my tumbler and drinking that instead…yayyy for more cold matcha!!

People get GC for reviews? Am I missing something?

Sil select said

check out the “discounts for reviewers” link on the left hand navigation on their main page. :) it explains the full program.

Thank you :) (duhhhh check the website)

For those that are looking for the link, here it is:

infused1 said

Is this promotion still on? I tried to use my GC today, but the discount seems to be coming up wrong. I submitted my reviews after the promotion started.

Infused1: please send me an email with your full name and I’ll check on it right away :-)

Sil select said

Gwen – canadians qualify for the GC, from someone who has a bunch :) I would suggest possibly swapping with people to get a feel for what you like or ordering just one flavour first.

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ashmanra said

You mentioned an unflavored green matcha test as well. Should we order both at once to save shipping, or is the other one going to be a while before it starts?

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for 2 more samples to come. These are late additions since some of the ones I got already, did not qualify for drinking so I had to exclude them. I hope to have it ready in about 2-3 weeks.

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Donna A said

Ouch. I missed out on the matcha testing-thought it wasn’t happening until next week! And I also just used my 30% gift certificate, so missed out on the 50%. Not my lucky day!

Sil select said

only if you had nothing left to review! If you didn’t, then you can use the matcha you ordere to get your GC changed to 50% :)

Donna A said

Once my two new matchas arrive and I review them, I’ll be able to get a new GC, but the 50% would have come in very handy on the order I just placed a couple days ago.

Donna: Let me fix at least part of your day. I will turn the link to the Matcha Latte Mix so that you can take part of this. Please hurry :-)

Donna A said

Done! You’re the best. I was on my way to work. Glad I checked Steepster one more time before heading out!

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I need someone to walk me through the review process. Does a review on steepster count for the 200 word review or is there a specific site for that?

Sil select said

it counts. However they also ask that you do the short review on amazon as well.

Yeah, that part I understood, just not the 200 word requirement. that was written in a way that confused me, thanks for the clarification.

Important: Please make sure that your 200 words review includes the link to the product on our site that you are reviewing.

I will try to remember that!

Donna A said

Starfevre, the Red Leaf website also gives very clear instructions on this. If its clear enough for me, then anyone can figure it out. :)

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New Product – French Butter Cookie Matcha.
Today and tomorrow only 30%OFF

Alphakitty said

So tempted, but I am going to be strong and hold out until I save up for the 3 + 1 pack! I really want to try the chocolate mint and raspberry cream as well~ These new flavors are killing me!

Look into my eyes…
Your are being hypnotized…
You really, REALLY want to buy new flavors…
Many flavors….

Did it work?! Guess not.
If not you, maybe somebody else who’s reading this will be weaker…
My trap is set.

Alphakitty said

I definitely do want to buy many new flavors XD You have made me into a matcha addict!

oh no, it worked! hahaha

I ordered some! And a few others. My first time with red leaf tea.
Looking forward to it!

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Here’s new product: Panettone Matcha.
This weekend only, 30% OFF.

Those both sound soooo gooooood

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