Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Jillian said

I’m buying 5+2 matcha teas, but French Butter Cookie isn’t on the dropdown list…?

Azzrian said

Put your choices in the NOTES section before check out.

Thank you for the help Azzrian.
Jillian: just pick any flavor and in notes during check out let me know which ones you want to be changed. Sorry, but we keep adding new flavors all the time and it’s hard to keep up :-)

Jillian said

Awesome, thanks! Just waiting on the rest of my gift cards to get approved, then massive tea order here I come!!

Ok, All pending reviews have been checked and GC have been sent out.
If anyone is missing one let me know.

Azzrian said

I am missing one for Citrus Punch review I do believe. Thanks :)
Oh and your very welcome :)

I do not see that email, but I’ve known you long enough to trust your word. I have updated your GC :-)

Azzrian said

Thank you I appreciate the trust.
There is a review up on Steepster, as well as a short one on your site and amazon :)
It was all posted on march 7th so maybe you had updated it before? Maybe if you know when you did the last updates that would let us both know and if you did already credit that please re-adjust my GC and that it back off as I don’t want to be over credited that is not fair to you.

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ashmanra said

I went to your site to do my review of peanut butter matcha but it is gone! Is it discontinued? Should I still make a comment, just putting it under peanut or peanut butter pie?

Please use Peanut Butter Pie :-)

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teapot1 said

I received my samples today, and will begin tasting tomorrow…Thank you!

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Alphakitty said

I don’t get back to my apartment until Saturday night so I have to wait to try mine out ;~; All these good notes are killing me! Can’t wait to taste them all.

Azzrian said

LOL I got a headache from too much matcha today but it was SO worth it! Aleive took care of it!

how much is too much matcha for you Azz?

Azzrian said

I had four 8 ounce cups of the matcha latte samplers lol That and other teas as well earlier in the day!

momo said

I won’t get mine till Sunday when I’m back to mine, so you’re not alone haha.

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couple of questions:
how hot is hot milk? – for the latte test
i dont want to make it too hot that it becomes bitter

what is the smallest serving proportions that i could possibly use? 1/4 (since i am going to taste 4 matchas at the same time)? or maybe 1/8 (since i am still not used to sipping matcha and have been enjoying it a bit more diluted than normal)?


Hot milk should not be boiling. Best to have it boiled and leave it for 2-3 minutes for 2 reasons:
1. Using hot liquid for green tea will burn it and make it bitter.
2. The hotter the liquid the less flavor you will taste. We only use natural flavors, but they tend to get weaker at higher temperatures.
As for the serving: one serving is 15g of powder mixed with 6-8oz of liquid. You can use 1/4, which would be about 4g and 1.5-2oz of liquid. The only issue I have is that at such small amounts, a little bit more or less can change the way it tastes. If you have a sensitive scale, you can pull it off, but if you do it by just eyeballing – it may get tricky.
Hope it helps.

would 160F be best?

ok,will go with 4g in 2oz – that will equate to 8oz for a full serving in the survey

is that all we are supposed to fill up? im guessing since this is still a testing, we will not be writing official reviews until you have decided which one to release?

140-160F should work.
You will not need to write an official review. All you need to do is fill out the survey here:
After taking into consideration all the opinions and testing notes, I will determine the best version.
You are still welcome to share your opinions here and questions, but the survey is a must for me.

the link to the survey doesn’t work for me for some reason.

I just tried it 3 times and it works. Maybe there was some temporary server problem. Please try again.

so weird, it still doesn’t work and I tried it on chrome and IE. Though I got it to work on another computer in my house!

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New contest:
I’m working on label design for our new Matchaccino product and I’m stock at section: “What is Matchaccino?” So far I only got:
“Matchaccino is a premium Matcha green tea pre-mix, designed for customers to enjoy high quality Latte at convenience and leisure of their own home.”
As you can see I’m not a writer, but it seems to me that this can be done better.
Would anyone like to take a crack at it. 30-40 words should do it. Best one will win a small size Matchaccino with their choice of flavor :-).
What do you say? Can you help me out?

Tealizzy said

How about: Matchaccino is a premium Matcha green tea pre-mix that will have you imagining you are sitting at a European cafe, savoring every minute, every sight, and every sound of a bustling little town.

Cavocorax said

Matchaccino is a premium Matcha green tea mix for discerning customers who want it all. These packs are flavored naturally, easy to use, and create a latte that is as good, if not better, than your local bistro, (at a fraction of the cost) .

momo said

Matchaccino is a premium Matcha green tea blend, pre-mixed for customers to prepare and enjoy a high quality latte with ease at home, and for a price less than a coffeeshop or cafe.

this goes in the back label?

Matcha! The best green tea from Japan in fine powder form.

Matchaccino! The deliciously flavored matcha for those moments when you crave for a latte.

It’s green! It’s healthy! And it will give you that energy boost you need to kick start the day, get through a sleepy afternoon, or be more productive! Got milk, make Matchaccino – anytime, anywhere :)

Also available in ____ and _____ (fill in flavors).

this may be more than 40 words but i can easily take out a few words if you wish :) can’t help adding that last line too ^^

Matchaccino! The healthy latte alternative for your indulgence.
Prepared in minutes, you can luxuriate in a mug of smooth creamy Matcha for less than 60 calories! (not including milk)
Make your morning, noon, or afternoon count. Make it a Matchaccino moment just for you

Oorxou select said

So far none of these descriptions that I’ve seen tell me what it tastes and smells like. I’m sorry I can’t help, I don’t know anything about the product.. but I ran across this post the other day that might help you out. I think it gives some good advice:

Thank you for all your help. I will use text from Yssah.
Congratulations. Please email me your info :-)

teapot1 said

Congrats, Yssah! Your text was my pick too:).

Oh, yay! My first prize for writing ^^

Thanks RLT and teapot1 :)

Sil select said

Bah…didn’t have time to get to this today with people over. Grats yssah

Azzrian said

Those were some great examples everyone – congrats Teapot1~

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teapot1 said

I just used a bit of my left over 3 & 4 samples to shake up a cold MC using ice cold almond/coconut milk…It comes out super frothy and TASTY!

sounds so yum!!!

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Just got my first full review back.
Thank you Margaret!

teapot1 said

You’re welcome! Thank you for allowing me to participate…:)

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I’m looking for proof reader. Does anyone know somebody? I have 2 labels and a postcard size flier to be check for spelling and syntax errors. Small job, but it needs to be done. I don’t want to print 2000 label and later find our there are errors in it.
Please email me if you do this or know someone that does it. Let me know the price.
I always prefer to check with friends first before I start looking elsewhere.

Azzrian said

I sent you an email – my daughter is considering editing as a career and is in the 98th percentile in our state for both reading and writing (just don’t ask her to do math). This would be great for her resume since she is just starting out in college. I will talk to her for you.

Thank you. please let me know :-).

Azzrian said

Will do! If you want to email me the text I can show it to her and she can give you a fair estimate.

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Azzrian said

Survey done – hope it went through.

Yes, I got it. Thank you very much :-)

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