Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Sil select said

ooh orange vanilla sounds tasty

Cavocorax said

Right? I’m starting to get through my matcha. Maybe in a month or so I can get more.

Sil select said

oh god… come steal more of mine first please……PLEASE!

Those both sound amazing. Omg.

Skysamurai said

this needs to keep being updated since their matcha is amazing -]

Thank you for the complement. It’s Cyber Monday and we offer 50% OFF our Caramel Popcorn Matcha :-)

Hi everyone,
I have a couple new flavors coming in and I’m trying a new process to infuse them with matcha. As always with something new, I’m looking to gain customer’s opinion on the outcome before releasing it to the public.
I’m looking for 10 brave souls to give it a try and to let me know what they think. Any takers?
Please email me with your shipping address (US and Canada only) at [email protected]

oooooh. Just e-mailed you!

I emailed you too!

Already have 8 entries, thank you. 2 left…

Inkling said

Just emailed you…hoping it’s not too late!

Reki275 said

I emailed!

Thank you everyone. I got a lot of requests and this offer is closed.

Thanks for the offer! Can’t wait to take part. :)

Please use the link below to give us your opinions of the new flavors.

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