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Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

1471 Replies

I’m saying Bavarian Cream only because it is the one that looks like it could possibly be contending with the cheesecake, and I already have the cheesecake Matcha.

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My dream order upcoming is cheesecake and eggnog. maybe chocolate. and strawberry.

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Ok, If I got this right, here’s the result:
Cheesecake – 24
Bavarian Cream – 21
Almond – 8
Cotton Candy – 5
Pumpkin Pie – 3

And the winner is Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday next week, Bavarian Cream or should we set up a new vote?

Small problem: when I discount the matcha, I have no way to separate the whisks and cans from the discount, and unfortunately I can not give 30% on those items since my mark up is very small on these. Can I ask not to take advantage of this, PLEASE?

Sil select said

I’m glad you mentioned this…I was looking at that in my cart last week when i ordered the caramel one and just figured those things were on sale too.

Sil select said

Also I like the idea of bavarian cream for next week, if only because it was a pretty close vote :)

Babble said

Since Bavarian Cream came so close, I vote to see it put on sale for next Friday. Less work for you, too, to decide which matcha flavor to put on sale.

Is there a way to be able to still purchase matcha tins on your website outside of the matcha page(s)? Like maybe in the Teaware section offering empty small and large tins for the regular price…

Just a thought…

I thought your matcha has been on sale before, has that not been an ongoing issue then? Somewhat puzzled by that.

And I agree with Will Work For Tea, could you possibly sell the matcha tins separately?

tigress_al said

Oh no, I purchased a tin and didn’t realize I could have bought it seperately. So sorry about that.

Your sale finally made up my mind to try matcha for the first time!

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Ok, Cheesecake matcha is set up for promo till Monday, so that everyone can have time to buy it :-)

WOOOT, ty! Now to plan my attack strategy on what matcha flavoring and quality to get!

Babble said

Me too. I’m thinking about trying the white matcha base with this tea.

Dinosara said

Quick question: if I purchase the cheesecake matcha with this promo, can I still qualify for the free matcah program when I write a review of the cheesecake matcha?


Dinosara, how would Red Leaf know for certain you bought it on sale unless you stated so in your review?

I think this is a “do what you think is right” thing. I wouldn’t mind doing that simply because I already know there are plenty of things I am eyeballing at Red Leaf which are not on sale (and either won’t go on sale or won’t be on sale when I want them) but which I will certainly purchase at some point.

Edit: Having opened my mouth, I suddenly realized that I actually am not clear on how the matcha program works, and maybe they would know. LOL. Disregard if that is the case.

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Yayyy cheesecake! This promo idea was fun, I liked voting on the flavours. And thanks for letting us know about the glitch with the whisks, so we don’t accidently get too greedy with the discount :) I’ll be ordering this weekend, can’t wait!

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Tins – I have set up simple listing for tins here:
Please note that next week I will have to raise price for tins, about $1 each. I’m sorry, but I just ordered more and now the price for me went up as well.
New Flavors – If you like voting, you are going to love this idea. I just got news that my special order is on it’s way with new flavors. Want to vote which one I should list first with 30%OFF, of course. That would be in addition to Bavarian Cream. Here are your choices:
Black Currant
Acai (Improved)
Cookies and Cream
Espresso (Improved)
Licorice (improved)
Caramel Corn
Macadamia Praline
Peanut Butter (we have Peanut already)
White Chocolate
Creme Brulee
and 3 New cherry flavors in addition to our regular Cherry:
Bordeaux Cherry
Black Cherry
Maraschino Cherry
When I said “few new flavors” I may have underestimated the list a bit. LOL
You probably can not tell, but I’m VERY excited and I feel like a kid waiting for a Christmas gift.
PS. yes I remember about the Fire Roasted Marshmallow flavor that was requested by a few people now. Give my supplier some time and they’ll deliver.

Re: tins – Fantastic! Thanks! :)

There’s too many that I’d be happy to vote for, so I’ll let others decide! :D

Sil select said

omg omg omg! i don’t even know yet if i like matcha – my order hasn’t arrived yet but these flavours alone have me drooling.

re: tins – awesome! I wished I bought a tin with my first matcha order last week, now I can!

So many flavors, I love too many of them!

Ahhh I would LOVE a toasted marshmallow matcha :) I’ve been wishing and hoping that you’d create one, so I’m so glad that you’re working on one! Best P.S. ever :D

Azzrian said

I would love that flavor too!

DaisyChubb said

Whaaa I’m pumped!

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Dinosara said

I vote for black currant!

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Dinosara – yes, it will qualify. We need as many review as you can write.
Daniel Scott – We would know! I have my best people watching you all as we speak, and we are out there to get you. (to get you buy matcha, that is) LOL

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Azzrian said

Creme Brulee
Cookies and Cream!

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Alphakitty said

Tiramisu! Or black cherry. I can’t decide!

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