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Lupicia Recommendations

Lupicia has a promo going on until Aug 24 – with the code BARLEY you get free shipping for $30 or more (usually it’s $60 min). This saves about $7 in shipping – and you get a free catalog for a year with samples.

So, I was wondering what teas you would recommend getting from Lupicia. There are so many. Also, I think I might be brave and try one of these barley teas even though I’m not sure what to expect.

Any guidance would be awesome. Thanks!

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Azzrian said

Muscat Oolong
Momo Oolong
Chaud Les Marrons
Champagne Rose’
Strawberry and Vanilla
Rum Raisin
Really you can’t go wrong with Lupicia!

I agree with everything Azzrian said! I love the momo super grade oolong and strawberry vanilla green. And Chaud les marrons! But they have a lot of tempting teas I haven’t tried too.

Azzrian said

Yup that is the issue – so many more to try :)

Meeka select said

Melon Oolong! I usually don’t like flavored oolongs but this was delicious!

Azzrian said

That sounds yummy.

Rum Raisin
Caramel Macchiato
Champagne Rosé
Pineapple Oolong

My three favorite that immediately come to mind from Lupicia:

Earl Grey – this is one of my top five favorite Earl Grey. But get the “Earl Grey,” not the “Earl Grey Breakfast” or other variations (those are good too, but the Earl Grey is the best of the bunch)

Strawberry Vanilla
Grapefruit Green

Jules1 select said

I’m a bit late to the party, but I definitely recommend:

Marron Chocolat
Cinnamon Cookie Pu-ehr
Sencha Matsuri

And if you’re in the mood for something new, try the caramel & honey orzo!

Alphakitty said

Strawberry Vanilla
Grapefruit Green
Melon Oolong
Chestnut (green base)
King of Fruits

but as others have said, they’re all pretty amazing!

I want…all of those, haha.

Aw, Lupicia is definitely on my teas-to-order-next list but I don’t have money to spare right now. Maybe they will have this sale again another time. I love their Strawberry Vanilla tea with sencha!

Lupicia is next on my list too – I’m holding off at the moment in case of black friday/ whatever sales.

I’m dying to try King of Fruits and Chestnut.

Alphakitty said

Those are two of my favorites! The Chestnut in particular is kind of addictive, I went through a 4 day phase where it was all I wanted to drink.

Claire said

I just had the King of Fruits for the first time, and it was really good!

Frolic select said

lemon pie!

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