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First gongfu set help

I’ve been looking for my first gongfu set and have found a couple options that seem reasonable.
Option 1-2, the only thing I’m worried about is the quality but they look like decent sets.
The last option is to order separate parts from Yunnansourcing.com but shipping is 50 dollars so the amount I can get for around 100 dollars is fairly low.
Does anyone have experience with these sets or any ideas on what I should do?

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Alphakitty said

There’s a US version of Yunnan sourcing: http://www.yunnansourcing.us/store/ so you don’t have to pay crazy shipping!

mrmopar said

thanks for posting this link i have been buying from the chinese site and the shipping is way high!

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Oh, I didn’t even know that existed. Thanks. I still am favoring the first two sets just because they all go together and are complete. I wish I could see the quality before I purchased it

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I would be careful with the yixing cups, pitcher and gaiwan lined in porcelain in the first two sets. Though they look striking and feel traditional while having the advantage of not absorbing the flavor, the gaiwan I got made in that material cracked the second day I used it.

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Is it yixing with porcelain in the center? I thought they were made entirely of porcelain. Does anyone know of a website where a can get a decent pre made set that won’t break, or a website that has matching pieces? I don’t want to order from yunnan because it will look thrown together.

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Azzrian said

But my feeling on this is its not so much THROWN together but PIECED together over time by actually making selective and more personal purchases. I so badly want a tea tray with the spill liner and all the bamboo utensils and cups etc but I also don’t want a carbon copy set that just anyone can buy and have the exact same set up. Piecing it together makes it a far more personal experience I think. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for your opinions. Im going to start shopping around for some tea ware that fits me better than yunnasourcing. Does anyone know a good place to buy tea mascots? I couldn’t find any that weren’t mass produced.

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