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Oolong Sampler Sets- Enjoy Oolong tea from all 4 major categories

Update- This is no longer available in stores

Dear lovers of oolong tea,

Peony Tea S. is offering 2 Oolong sampler sets from now until 31st Aug 2012.

Sample tea from all 4 major categories of oolong:

Signature sampler set:
Anxi Iron Goddess (Tieguanyin)
Wuyi Sacred Lily (Shuixian)
Dong Ding Oolong
Phoenix Dancong- Honey Orchid Fragrance (Mi Lan Xiang)
4 × 10g for $20

Value sampler set:
Golden Cassia (Huang Jin Gui)
Wuyi Cassia (Rougui)
Taiwan Jade (Cuiyu)
Phoenix Dancong- Heavenly Fragrance (Tong Tian Xiang)
4 × 10g for $15

Hurry on down, available until 31st Aug 2012

See https://www.peonyts.com/shop/index.php/product-categories/special-sets/sample-sets.html

Link amended- thanks Duke Gus for the notification.

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James R said

The Phoenix Dancong Heavenly Fragrance is unreal!

DC said

One week left to get these sets.


DukeGus said
DC said

Thanks! We reclassified the product categories and forgot to change the link. Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

DC said

Today is the last day before we pull it off our shelves. Hurry on down to

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