How much tea do you have on your cupboard right now?

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wow! well i have
-13 canisters (think repblic of tea / teavanna)
-3 boxes of bags
-2 box of bags sampler
-2 sampler travel tins from ROT
-1 ziplock of unknown lose
-1 ziplock of crappy bags
-4 seal tight packs of loose samplers
-1 scoop of tea left in a canister
-2 teabags in individual seals (novus and yogi)
-3 tea concentrates

Grinnyguy said

I had a guess a little while ago and guessed at a little under 2kg in total, with about 30 types of tea. It’s too much I know, because some of it is almost 2 years old, so I’m trying to run it down. But it’s hard not to buy new, and I get given new tea as well sometimes, so the amount just keeps rising. And the storage space doesn’t get any bigger. Hmm

Grinnyguy said

I just had a count-up. 35 types. It’s more every time I look. Oh dear

Jillian said

Maybe they’re breeding. ;)

Cofftea said

Jillian, so that’s where all my weird blends are coming from! Haha!

2 great big boxes full of loose tea but i’m getting through it slowly

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