COMMON GROUND: Tea and Feng Shui

This thread is for those of us who not only share the love of tea but share the interest in Feng Shui.

Anything and everything Feng Shui can be discussed here.

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Remove Negative Energy with the use of Sea Salt!
There are some really neat Feng Shui – Sea Salt – Removing Negative Energy at the link above. Check it out! Reply to discuss.

Feng Shui your tea!

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Chatter? Post a reply :)

I like this, i needs to gets some sea salt now :)

Which suggestions are your going to put to the test???

I’m going to have a peaceful Feng Shui type tea session by bringing in the elements as suggested and relax it sounds very nice to me; it’s warm enough to open some windows in the tea room and i think i’ll enjoy a nice amber or roasted oolong while doing this :) i’m also going to mop the floors with sea salt and i want a salt lamp now lol, this is very interesting to me.

Azzrian said

Placing your sofa close to the door to your home does not invite people to sit and stay while placing it away from the door does.
Beds should be placed facing doors so that you can see anyone who enters.

our sofa is away from the door on the opposite wall so i can keep my eye on the door ;)

Azzrian said

Thats supposed to be the best place for it – both for security and to welcome your incoming guests.
Me I have my sofa on the front porch hahahahaa

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