Lynxiebrat said

I hope this doesn't sound like a silly or stupid question but.....

Does anyone know if 52Teas accepts Visa gift debit cards as payment? I emailed the site a few hours ago, but no answer yet, so I thought maybe someone on here would know. If not…that is ok. I had planned on ordering the Sweet Indulgence sampler pack from DavidsTea, but at the moment they do not accept debit cards, gift or regular. (They did say they are working on getting that option though.) So decided to try 52Teas, because they were next on my list to check out. Also, I could be wrong, but I thought I’ve seen it mention on here that 52Teas sells samples? But when I looked on the site, I didn’t see any mention of samples. If not samples, I think I would only be able to afford to try maybe 2 teas at a time, if that. I have found that most of the tea that I’ve tried is at best: Ok, but not what I would consider inspiring enough to more of. And I hate wasting tea.

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Babble said

From my understanding, Visa debit cards are accepted anywhere that Visa is. So it should work for 52teas. I’m not sure I understand why it wouldn’t work for Davidstea, though.

And no, 52teas does not do samplers. What you could do, though, is swap or request samples from other members, which I have done in the past.

Sometimes they’ll deny them because it isn’t a card issued by a credit company, it’s just a general gift card. There’s no way for the retailer/bank to verify the name/billing address of the gift card.

momo said

Yeah I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work for DavidsTea. I’ve never understood why Visa calls them debit cards when you don’t enter a PIN to use them typically, and you don’t enter a PIN to use a debit card online either, and it’s used as a credit card. It’s been a couple months since I looked at the FAQ but I thought I was getting paid in one and checked to make sure it could be used online and it could, so you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you’re not spending more than the balance.

They’re called debit cards because they’re drawing from a declining balance, instead of accumulating a debt to be paid back. Some online retailers will deny them because they don’t have identifying information – it’s not “your” credit card.

52Teas offers their 12 days of christmas sampler at christmas time, and around mother’s day they had a chocolate sampler box, which I think I saw on facebook was on discount. I don’t know if they have any more of those though.

As for your question about the debit card … if a company accepts paypal, you can use that card as payment. And I agree with Amanda, if it says “visa” on the card, you can use this as a Visa card and not just a debit card, and should be accepted anywhere that accepts visa.

Lynxiebrat said

I went ahead and ordered the Sun and Cloud Mist and the Butterbeear Tea, question on the website is their an option to keep shopping? I didn’t notice any buttons like that and ended up ordering them seperately. Also, I didn’t notice anything about shipping costs, so do they just automatically bill the card? If so, I’m glad that I only got those two….if it’s C.O.D. I need to know how much cash to keep on hand.
I got the confirmation email for the 1st tea, but I suspect that the other one will go thru tomorow, most business’s cut off time seems to be 5pm. I was kind of hoping that they would be shipped together.
I also wanted to order the Nepolitan Ice cream tea, lol, but I felt that I should give the ones above a try before ordering anymore.
I have had terrible luck with Paypal, (Long story.)

Shipping is free so long as you’re in the US. You should have gotten the confirmation email if the order went through correctly… no matter the time. That’s what’s cool about online ordering is that the stores are open 24/7! I think you’re going to love the two that you did order… they’re awesome. The Nepolitan Ice Cream is good too! And I do understand the problems with paypal, I’ve had those in the past too. I still do like it though, despite the troubles, because it’s really nice to have a place where my information is stored and I don’t have to keep digging out my credit card.

Babble said

All the prices on the 52teas site include free shipping – so you don’t have to worry about extra shipping costs!

Bonnie said

If you got a U.S. Visa Gift Card it might be an issue because the currency is different in Canada (Davids Tea). Some debit and credit cards are only good in the country listed.(They probably don’t want the extra fees associated with the transactions and conversion of monies etc.) That’s my best guess at it.

Lynxiebrat said

Ahhhhh. That makes sense, Bonnie. Well I guess my ordering from there will have to wait til I get a credit card, or they get a debit card accepting system up. Rachel, sweet! Thank the Gods for that!

Thanks everyone for your replies.

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