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Common Ground: TEA and Board Games

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teataku said

Oh my, where to start? I know so many board/card games, and my friends and I try to keep it varied and not play the same ones over and over again. My family tends to stick to Old Favorites, but I like to dig out the ones we don’t play often. Here are some games I LOVE:

Apples to Apples (and the Sour version, too!)
Last Word
Settlers of Catan (a friend of mine just got the Star Trek version, too)
Fluxx (card game with LOTS of different versions—I have Pirate Fluxx and Star Fluxx, and a friend of mine has Zombie Fluxx)
Pop 5 (not a “board game,” but close—was made by the makers of Cranium)
Quelf (a new addition to our games repertoire)
Munchkin (I have the regular one and my brother has Super Munchkin)
Bubble Talk (also not strictly a “board game,” similar to Apples to Apples)

We also play lots of traditional card games, as well as Phase 10 occasionally. My family is really into Euchre at the moment, but we also play Canasta (as well as its variant, Hand and Foot), Progressive Rummy (which I have heard called by other names, including International Rummy and Shanghai), Spades, Karma, 13, Nerts (which I have also heard called Peanut), and a game called Red Booty (which is the PG version of the name—the original name was in Cajun French, which when translated means “red ass,” which is what you get when someone makes you mad).

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ashmanra said

Scrabble is our favorite, but we also love Bananagrams, Settlers of Catan (gave my son the Star Trek version for Christmas, too), Rack-O, Phase 10, Magic the Gathering (mainly the kids and their friends).

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Sorry, I couldn’t help but to bump this thread :) My husband and I both love playing board games and our favorites are Agricola, Mice & Mystics, Castles of Burgundy, Castle Panic and Dungeon Petz. But really, it changes constantly. My husband is more into it than I am, meaning, he buys all these crazy games (He has a lot of them!) and posts on boardgamegeek forums… but I will always play any game with him, and I really love the experience, too.

Do you guys know of any tea-themed boardgames? We know only one – “Darjeeling” (http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/32165/darjeeling). It’s okay, it has interesting mechanics, but generally it could be about anything – what I mean by this is that the theme does not really matter here, so it’s only “kind of about” tea.

Sil select said

I haven’t seen any tea themed board games, just a coffee one. I swear all my disposable income goes to tea and board games….and travel haha

Sounds like a wonderful life, Sil! :D

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