Babble said

Tea Dreams

I almost just added this to the “You know you’re obsessed with Tea when…” thread, but decided to make my own thread and see just how crazy we all are.

Has anyone had any interesting tea-related dreams they’d like to share?

I had a dream the other night about a tea blogger I used to follow who disappeared and I lost contact with. In the dream, I found out she was dishonestly bringing traffic to her blog to feed her addiction to tea and free samples. Because of the overwhelming guilt, she published a “how to” guide that explained exactly what she did, and then she shut her blog down permanently. I’m sure in real life, the real reason she closed her blog is much more boring than that. But it certainly made for an exciting dream.

So what crazy tea dreams has everyone else had? Did you dream about sipping a tea blend that never existed? Accidentally make a several thousand dollar online order?

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momo said

I had a dream I was at an Indycar race with my parents, and I left it to go back to their house (which was right there, no idea how that one works) because some website was giving away matcha for super cheap/free and that was more important.

There was another one I had that same week but I can’t remember it right now.

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I used to dream about tea a whole lot more often when I was flavoring/blending tea because believe it or not, I was much more obsessed with tea back then than I am now. Actually, I think I’m probably still just as obsessed, maybe even more, but, it doesn’t consume as much of my time as it once did so therefore I’m not as constantly thinking about how to blend or flavor the tea perfectly, what changes to make to a recipe, etc.

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Sare said

I had a bad cup of tea one night before bed and i had Nightmares about all the tea being bad LoL it was HORRIBLE!!!!

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I dreamt once a character off a movie I watched recently (I can’t remember who now) was coming into my house and stealing teas from my stash! Also denting my tea tins and attracting fruit flies. Kind of randomly weird.

OMG I had a dream that james norwood pratt stole all my tea stash, I chased him around the block but got away, he was fast, i woke up crying :( I’m glad it was just a dream lol

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teawade said

I’ve never dreamt about tea but this thread looked really interesting so I figured I’d stop by. After I have an interesting dream, I usually write some key points down so that I don’t forget later. I can’t wait for my first tea dream. I hope it’s not a nightmare.

Grace said

Giant lipton tea bags, chasing you!

teawade said

Haha that would be horrible! I despise tea bags. Especially giant lipton ones.

Or worse! You open your stash and all of it’s turned to GIANT LIPTON TEA BAGS!!!

teawade said

Anything with giant lipton tea bags I don’t want any part of. Stay out of my dreams!

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