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inguna said

British TV and tea

The 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth, whet my appetite for British TV drama. Since then, I have indulged in British wit with A Dance to the Music of Our Time, Downton Abbey (who hasn’t?), and many others. My particular favorite series are the murder mysteries, including Foyle’s War, George Gently, and Midsomer Murders. I love how analyzing the murders and questioning always happen over a cup of tea.

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Uniquity said

My Nanny was a huge fan of British TV, we frequently enjoyed a cuppa while watching The Vicar of Dibley and other British programs on PBS. Some of my favourites include Fawlty Towers and Doctor Who, though I hear I’m missing out by not watching Sherlock. Trying to get to that soon – Sure beats ‘American’ TV most of the time.

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Erika M. said

I used to love watching EastEnders.

Haha, I really want to watch that some day :)

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CupofTree said

Love BBC. Merlin and Top Gear mostly. Planet Earth..

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Angrboda said

I used to love Midsomer Murders, but after they had a new Barnaby I lost interest. It’s not my usual genre, but a series I fell into sort of by coincidence, and it just wasn’t the same anymore.

Also Merlin and Top Gear, yes. And nature programs. And comedies. I bougth the Allo Allo box set recently which is being greatly enjoyed in this house at the moment. Love QI, My Family, Dad’s Army, Keeping Up Appearances, Yes Minister and especially As Time Goes By.

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Missy said

I love Merlin and Top Gear also. Sherlock was absolutely awesome. I’ll have to check out some of these other shows.

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Doctor Who >>>>> everything.

Uniquity said


Kiaharii said

Pretty much. :)

Doctor Whoooo! Anyone else excited for season seven tonight?

Uniquity said

Oh yes. I’m hiding from my British friends who have already seen the episode, lest they ruin it!

I know! Thankfully it’s up on UK iPlayer already, so I’ll be able to watch it tonight :) Will you be watching it on television?

Uniquity said

I will. It’s one of two shows that I bother watching as they air, to boost the numbers! : )

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Uniquity said

I forgot the obvious – Monty Python!

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I’m British and can confirm that I love Top Gear, despite being a girl!

I loved our adaptation of Pride & Prejudice and still enjoy it now. The Vicar of Dibley never fails to make me smile and of course the class Keeping Up Appearances!

Without a doubt though, my favourite comedy is Outnumbered – this is really brilliant. It’s about a family – two parents, three children hence being outnumbered and their day to day life. The storylines themselves are extremely mundane, but this is partly what makes it so brilliant – the show is about showing real life, but it’s improvised so it genuinely is funny as the kid actors just respond with whatever pops into their heads.

It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, especially with a cup of tea!

My husband and I both love Top Gear! Such a funny show!

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Come on Steven Moffat, give us season three!!!

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Rellybob said

That version of Pride and Prejudice is my favorite, altho I also like other versions I have seen. Sherlock is awesome, Dr. Who is simply the best. I haven’t seen a whole lot of British TV but I love their movies!!!!

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