I <3 Teas said

What is your favorite unflavored black tea?

Just wondering because I am looking to try some high quality unflavored blacks! Suggestions? Thanks.

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Angrboda said

TeaSpring’s Tan Yang Te Ji. Absolutely my most ♥ tea in the world. Anything Fujian black really, but that one in particular.

Chef8489 said

I am not big into stronger blacks, so I would have to say a nice first flush Darjeeling.

Uniquity said

I really enjoy the Bailin Gongfu from Teavivre. Harney’s (now discontinued) Golden Snail is amazing if you can get your hands on it. Everything from Verdant is solid, I still have some of the Laoshan Black which is fab. Yay black tea! I also enjoy Davids Tea’s Nepal Black, though it’s a bit mild. Their Wild Black Yunnan is also really good.

Assam Margherita from ESP Emporium

Right now I’m in love with our Mi Xian Black. Mmmm, honey and peach notes.

James R said

Rishi Tea – Hong Yue Ruby Black or Teavivre Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea – Golden Tip

Golden Fleece from Verdant Tea. Although that’s often limited in quantity.

I love Rishi Tea’s China Breakfast; seconding the rec for Verdant’s Laoshan Black also

looseTman said

+1 Rishi Tea’s China Breakfast

Alphakitty said

Damn Fine’s Assam and Teavivre’s Bailin Gongfu, depending on my mood!

Laoshan Black from Verdant.

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