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Hi fellow Steepsters!
I hope that this question hasn’t been asked before, but what is your most favorite vanilla tea? I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been on this vanilla tea kick and I’m on the search for a delicious one.

I have tried the Vanilla Rooibos tea from Republic of Tea, and while I like it.. I’m not tasting any vanilla! I have a tin of Harney & Son’s Vanilla Comoro on the way, but haven’t tried it yet.

I would really like a creamy, delicious, & possibly sweet tea where you can actually taste the vanilla. What is your favorite vanilla tea that you just treasure?

Oh, I also dislike adding sugar or milk to my tea and like to appreciate the flavors just as they are. :) I don’t care if the tea is caffeinated or not, as well.

Thanks for your help!!

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Cofftea said

Adagio’s vanilla oolong is the only one I’ve had that I’ve enjoyed.

I’ve heard about this one before. Do you taste the vanilla or is it more of a subtle one? :)

Cofftea said

The vanilla is definitely there, but you can taste the oolong too. It doesn’t taste like frosting like some vanilla teas do. It seems all or nothing w/ a lot of vanilla teas.

fcmonroe said

It’s not just vanilla, but I really liked Golden Moon’s vanilla jasmine.

I actually have some samples of Golden Moon.. and I think this is one of them. I look forward to trying it!

Miss Sweet said

I like the Taylors of Harrogate vanilla black tea, its best drunk plain and I don’t find the vanilla flavouring sickly like most other vanilla teas.

Thanks for your suggestion! I will try this one in the future as well.

I haven’t done this yet, but I want to – take good quality vanilla beans and put them in your dried tea leaves:

Vanilla tea: Cut up a vanilla pod with scissors and mix with tea leaves. Leave to ‘mature’ for a few weeks in an airtight container, set in a cool, dark place.

I make my own vanilla extract with vanilla beans and rum and it is incredible! So much better than even the good store bought, and sooooo much cheaper because you can use the same beans for multiple batches.

MzPriss said

Check out Whispering Pines Vanilla Dreams teas

Lynxiebrat said

At the moment my favorite is Vanilla Chai, by Good Earth.

Vanilla teas are my favorite! I had one teabag of Numi’s India Night Decaf Black Vanilla tea that is one of my favorite teas, but I can’t find it anywhere online to buy! You will definitely love Harney’s Vanilla Comoro when you try it. I just had it the other day. I also love ESP Emporium’s Vanilla Black. I LOVE Vanilla Rooibos too. Also, The Tea Merchant ( has some new delicious vanilla teas, like Silk Dragon, a vanilla oolong. It isn’t really vanilla, but my new love is creme earl grey teas. I’m trying to think of more…

Wow, I just realized this thread is three years old! How did that happen?

Lynxiebrat said

LOL. I have a thing for reviving old threads.

Aranza NL said

Last time I had rooibos vanilla. Those two tastes really complement each other.

Nerys said

Twinings vanilla tea is the only vanilla I ever tried and I really liked it.

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