What does your tea setup look like?

Just curious how everyone enjoys their tea and the rituals they use.
Here is one of the setups that is used here at The Tea Merchant using one of our new drainable tea stands, We have others that are used for larger groups, we will post as soon as we get a picture that does them justice!


So please post pictures of how you all prepare and enjoy your tea!

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Wow, that’s a nice set. I don’t really have a set, I have some odds and ends that are more western style.

BoxerMama said

I don’t own pots, I brew cup by cup, most commonly with my DT Steeper.

Denny said

This is what I do.

Azzrian said

Funny you post this now – I was thinking I need to get some photos taken of my pots and tea preparation supplies.
Then I ordered another set and decided to wait lol
I will get on that soon though. I love this thread! Love looking at other people’s set ups!
Even if you just brew cup by cup maybe a photo of your favorite cup(s).
@tea merchant – do you sell the supplies in your photo?

Fjellrev said

That is a beautiful set. I just moved so I’m a little disorganized still. My roommate has a Bodum teapot, and I only brought my Tea Stick with me, plus I bought a nice mug at a Fairmont hotel.

Mugs are great! I use one with a built in infuser when a teapot, serving pot, and cup are not convenient, like at the desk.
@azzrian- yes we offer all those on our site. These are imported from Lins ceramics.

Hello, not sure if this answers your questions. But I just uploaded a video of HOW to Prepare Puer Tea :)


Novi said

That’s a beautiful set! I’m saving up some cash now so that in September when I go to Disney World, I can stop into their House Of Good Fortune store in Epcot and pick out a set. I do believe that Disney is a tea drinkers paradise…

Erin said

Ahh yes- the China and Japan pavilions and their stores. Definitely a highlight of a Disney trip! One of these days I am going to have enough money to buy an entire set of dishes there. Love the tea items in China (that was the first place I saw & fell in love with Yixing pots), and love the regular dishes in Japan (plates & bowls & such).

Novi said

Even beyond those two! The Twinings store in Epcot’s UK occasionally has some beautiful teapots and tours of the tea garden. The Joy of Tea stand has Strawberry Oolong and Mango Green tea slushies. And the Animal Kingdom has The Royal Anandapur Tea Company, with a beautiful tea selection including a frozen chai! Always something new to discover there…

I just have my electric kettle on the counter, then steep per cup or pot

forsythia said
cuppaT said

May I please come live with you?

Angrboda said

Real china! You are my kind of tea drinker!

forsythia said

ha, thanks. I know it looks staged but that’s because I make my own greeting cards and sometimes when I sit down to tea, things just look “so right” that I have to run and get my camera! I’ve always “fussed” as my friends say but it’s a habit and a sort of ritual I guess that says to me “time to sit and relax and reflect”. The washing up is not always pleasant as it needs to be done within a reasonable time so the china doesn’t stain too much. I still bleach my cups regularly, I’ve found nothing else that cleans as well.

The one item that I still covet is a knitted tea cosy (like the ones on Etys, drool) – several in fact, to fit my various pots. I have purchased three over the years and they just don’t fit properly. The last one had high promise but it is not knitted and still loose around a 3-cup pot.

Kamyria said

Aaahhhh… Your set ups make me want to turn on my oven, bake something and put another pot of tea on…. So beautiful, cozy and homey….

Angrboda said

Baking powder and boiling water. It removes everything from my china. Just let it sit for a little while and all the brown stuff is loosened and easy to wash off.

forsythia said

Angrboda, do you mean baking soda or baking powder? I have hard water to boot so I’m forever scrubbing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Garret said

Try this stuff! One of our tea customers who develops products for the wine and beer making industry came up with this for our tea biz. It’s a dang miracle worker!

Elle said

The Basket is a Great Idea!! I am so basket shopping tomorrow!

Angrboda said

I mean baking powder

The stuff you use for quick breads. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baking_powder
Baking soda, I don’t think would work because it’s the acid element of baking powder that you want here. If you have it (it’s not something readily available where I live. At least I’ve never seen it) you can also use cream of tartar which is the acid element of baking powder.

When you add the boiling water it will fizz and bubble a lot, so I recommend setting whatever you’re treating in the sink.

forsythia said

Garret, very interesting. Will bookmark. Thanks. Ok, gotcha Angrboda. I’ll have to try the baking powder or crm. of tartar also. Thanks heaps.

Garret said

Here is one of my setups:

I have several more – outdoor setups, portable setups, bamboo, sandalwood, rosewood – at the tea shop and at home. Just wait’ll you see the new tea shop pics!!

So many way to drink the lovely leaf liquor, aren’t there. When I started drinking looseleaf tea 15 years ago, I used two Mason jars and kitchen strainer. And once in a while, for old times sake, I go back to my roots and get those jars out :)

Have a tealishus day, my friends!!!

cuppaT said

Two Mason jars and a kitchen strainer? Sheeeit, boy! Add a few styrofoam cups and a folding tray table and y’all got y’all’s self a genuwine redneck gongfu set!

Actually, with the exception of the styrofoam, this might not be a bad idea…

Garret said

who needs a dang ol’ foldin’ table when i got this here engine block sittin next to me all handy like fer settin’ stuff on?

cuppaT said

Oil pan’ll work jest fine too; it’s got a drain hole ‘n ever’thang.

Garret said

had this pu’er tea I’m drinking not been a little cool, I’d have been a bit upset that it came up through my nose on account of laughing so hard! NICE!!

cuppaT said


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