Azzrian said

I found a nice matcha starter kit

I am not affiliated with the person selling this whatsoever. I am looking around the net for a matcha whisk stand – and found this. Thought someone may really benefit from it! Its a great deal!

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Sil select said

Man that’s really cute

Ohh, what an adorable set, & awesome price. I wish they shipped to Canada!

Azzrian said

I would contact them about shipping to Canada! I don’t know why not! Shipping to Canada is never an issue for me.

Sil select said

Haha that was my only DOH moment…no shipping to Canada. Really nice set though

ashmanra said

Very nice!

Uniquity said

Wow, that’s a great price. Cute!

@Azzrian: check your local Whole Foods too. I know that DoMatcha is a supplier for my local Whole Foods, and they have a fairly reasonably priced Matcha whisk stand there. I haven’t picked one up yet… I’m still tossing around the idea in my head about maybe buying a supply of the battery operated Matcha whisks from one of the wholesale suppliers I still receive communication from and maybe selling some of those on Tea Trade… I wonder if there would be much interest in it. I don’t want to buy a large quantity of them and not be able to liquidate them quickly, since I am no longer in business and don’t keep storage space for inventory any more…

Azzrian said

Oh wow thanks I did end up getting one last night on amazon. Our closest whole foods is 20 minutes away one way so I probably wont get up there anytime soon but next time I do I will check out the tea section! :)

I don’t know if I would take the risk on the battery operated whisks LiberTEAS. Probably not.

Yeah, I don’t think I am going to. It’s a bit of an investment, and I’d have to buy quite a few to make the shipping cost worthwhile. And… I think my hubby would have a heart attack if I were to start loading up with inventory again. LOL

Azzrian said

LOL better safe and not do it then :)
No need to panic hubby!

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