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Ellen said

Is Steepster English only?

I added some Japanese teas I bought probably a month ago and I don’t see them on my log anymore – they must have been deleted. I had used the Japanese names, so should I switch everything to English?

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Azzrian said

Sorry Ellen I have no idea – maybe someone can help if this is bumped up :)

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Jillian said

Yes, I’m pretty sure the site is supposed to be English only.

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Angrboda said

The discussion boards are definitly supposed to be English only, but I’ve seen people post in other languages on their own accounts though. It may have been a glitch. If I were you I would contact the Overlords and ask them about it.

Angrboda said

If you can use a translation of the names and text though, I think it would be a good idea to do so. Maybe in combination with original Japanese. Like for example ‘Japanese text (English text)’
Those of us who don’t speak Japanese will have a chance of knowing what the tea is, then. At it would be searchable in the database.

Shadowleaf said

I have used this combination for a while when buying Japanese tea from local stores and I have yet to see anything missing from my log.

It seems, however, that when only using kanji Steepster will convert the text into Chinese, and thus might prove why they may not be searchable. Hiragana seems to be working fine, though.


Ricky admin said

Shadowleaf is absolutely on point as to how Steepster works.

As for teas being deleted, we don’t remove any teas / tea logs unless it’s clearly spam and/or violating our terms and service.

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Excelsior said


ashmanra said


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Jason admin said

The site is designed to be English only (because of our own limitations, not because we want to exclude). Non-latin based characters are translated where necessary, mostly in the URLs.

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Ellen said

Thanks for the replies =) I will make sure to include English translations!

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