Which tea companies do you know are Canadian?

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Dexter said

Cornelia Bean is a tea/coffee shop in Winnipeg. I was there yesterday for the first time. Tons of selection, fun store. I bought several teas to try and will post tasting notes once I try them. They are online.


Shipping is free over 100.00 (not sure about orders under).

Just thought I should mention it.

yyz said

Un Amour des Thés
I haven’t tried their teas and currently there site is only available in French but they have a wide selection of loose leaf and also sell a selection of Kusmi teas. Their shipping is $10 for purchases under 50 and free over 50

yyz, I used to work right next to them! They’re not big on advertising, they have their word to mouth clientele and I understand why. The owner is a real conoisseur, and the teas I remember having there were fantastic. They used to have a HUGE selection in store. That was a few years ago, and you remind me I have never placed an actual order with them. Hmmm, will have to remedy that, lol!
Thanks for mentioning them!

Sil select said

teafairy… you place an order and send me a bunch hahaha

another reason i sitll have to get over to montreal….maybe this summer..

Dexter said

Hmmmmm me thinks you have orders on the way…..

No problem Sil, well noted, just another incentive for me to order, haha! There isn’t that many Maison de Thé in Montreal, but if you do come, the best IMO is Camellia Sinensis. We could totally arrange something and meet there :-)
Dexter, you are welcome to join the par-tea!!
(Lol, I’m busted again, aren’t I??)

Sil select said

that would be awesome! if i’m ever out to Quebec, i’ll drop you a line for sure :) there are a few companies out there i missed getting to visit last september.

yyz said

TeaFairy, that’s good to know. I’ve been curious for a while, but haven’t ordered yet. Ironically we used to eat at a restaurant near there Laval location when we used to stay out there for work at times. However, I wasn’t really into tea at the time. We were more likely to drop into the SAQ.

yyz, I only went to the one in Laval, a very tiny but cozy little shop. That means you know Centropolis area in Laval very well? Yes, there,s a lot of restaurants around there, and basically, a lot of everything! Laval is so “shopping oriented” lol! I worked very close by for a couple of months. What a small world!
FYI, Stephane Lemay, the owner is often asked to participate as a tea expert in French cooking shows here in Quebec. Very knowledgable guy, used to be a lawyer and he abandoned the profession to fully dedicate his life to tea and family. Great values…

I promised myself my next tea order will be from them!
(BTW, There was a time when I was also more likely to drop into the SAQ, LOL!)

Tea At Sea said

Tea At Sea is Canadian. We have offices in Montreal and Vancouver. http://www.tea-at-sea.com/

Free Shipping Worldwide on orders over CAD$75

Will said

Sorry if I mention any already mentioned above…

http://aromateahouse.com/ (Vancouver branch of HK tea shop Lam Kie Yuen)
http://bestteaonline.com/ (Vancouver branch of HK Best Tea House)
http://www.chinaflairtea.com/ (China Flair, Bill Lee’s company)

mr-tea said

I’m a little bit surprised nobody mentionned The Tea Company as they are Canadian. Https://www.theteacompany.com

They do free shipping for orders over $50 and also ship to the US.

Sil select said

i’ve never heard of them :) thanks for sharing!

yyz said
OMGsrsly said

OMG really, Algonquin Tea is in CAD? I totally need to order from them now.

yyz said

Even better, shipping is really cheap if you are just buying 1 or 2 of the looseleaf (no tins or boxes). They sent it letter rate and shipping was under $3.

OMGsrsly said

The only reason I didn’t order from them last summer is because I thought it was USD! This is perfect. I only want one or two of the teas. :)

yyz said

If you live in the GTA tanlongtea will let you arrange for local pick up to avoid shipping charges.

TippysTea said

We’re a Canadian tea company! :)


We’re also proudly Canadian!

Your tins as well as your tea names are the cutest thing ever.

Sil select said

Guess i should start making a list of orders this year from canadian companies..they’ll be getting my money 90% this year. stupid dollar

Lindsay said

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