Brambr said

What's this type of teapot? (houhin style)

Hi everyone,
I’ve been following post here for quite some time but this is my first post.

I was looking for a Houhin style teapot for gyokuro and somehow I stumbled upon a second hand website. If found this:

it looks a bit like it but it’s is made of porcelain i guess. I was wondering if it could be useful for some kind of tea or if anyone knows what it exactely is or if its just some cheap market rubish.


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It looks (and this is just my unprofessional opinion) sort of like one of those gaiwans with a spout for easy pouring. I’m not familiar with the Houhin style teapot, though (did a quick Google search) and it also looks like it could be one of those.

It looks just like porcelain or ceramic, so you could use any kind of tea in it.

Azzrian said

I agree with Michelle – I am actually looking for one that I like the design of since my hands are too small for a regular gaiwan.

Shadowleaf said

I say this could very well be a Chinese relative of the houhin pot. The typical Japanese houhin does not have a handle and the pattern is not very Japanese either, but a more typical Chinese one. I unfortunately do not know enough about Chinese pottery to know its name.

That being said, there should be no problem brewing Japanese tea in it.

That looks like a Chinese pattern. We sell a gaiwan with the exact same pattern. You can see that here: (under gaiwans). I’m really not knowledgeable about Chinese teaware as I am with Japanese but I have seen those types of Chinese sets a few times before. I have a very nice handmade clay version that is similar in style to your picture above.

Brambr said

Cool, didn’t know these patterns where so widely spread. But the colors of the pattern on the gaiwan you’re selling is much nicer!

Brambr said

Thanks all for your help. I googled for filter gaiwan and than you get mostly these types so I guess its a kind of gaiwan with a filter and a chinese pattern. Not sure if I will buy it…

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