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Traveling Tea Box: Group B - round 2 discussion

the link to the recap for round 1:
password: steepster

the order:
1. oOTeaOo
2. Ellyn – arrived 5/16
3. Alphakitty – arrived 6/3
4. schmiracles – arrived 6/24
5. TeaEqualsBliss – arrived 6/28
6. Sare – arrived 8/1
7. Tea Sipper – arrived 9/13
8. teataku – arrived 10/23
9. Kallieboo! – arrived 11/21
10. Meeka
11. Starfevre
back to momo

Other bits: Please try to use priority mail, it doesn’t cost too much more than parcel post and it’s quick. You can also buy postage online at a discount. Just print it out and tape it on! We’ll look to keep this box under 3 pounds. Right now I have it at 1 pound, 12 ounces but I’m hoping to get it over 2, and then I believe priority just goes by pounds..unless I’m mistaken. But I don’t think you could fit enough in here to get it much beyond 2 pounds, someone can try though haha.

I have most everyone’s addresses still, send me a message if yours changed since last time. If I don’t have it either from before or the survey, I have a note to get it from you.

Please try to keep the box no longer than a week – week and a half. I know last time I went with 3 days where the post office is open but things get busy and I realize it is pretty overwhelming to get this box…as always though if something comes up where it’ll take longer, let me know.

I would like to steal the idea from the other box currently happening of indicating in here what you took out and added, just so we at least still have that in case of the loss of a box. I still want to have the notebook because as you guys will see, it is absolutely awesome to see everyone’s messages and what not.

When you’re ready to send it on to the next person, either message me for their address or if you’re following each other, go ahead and do so directly if you would like. Be sure to post here when you receive it and when it’s back on its way so I can update here with its progress!

Those of you in this box, just post a reply here so I know you saw it and I don’t have to message you. I far prefer this way than sending everyone messages because I have issues with the little mail thing on here and my laptop.

I hope to have the box out by Friday if I hear from all of you!

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Azzrian said

Thank you so much!

Erika M. said

Thanks Amanda! I’m so excited! :)

So excited! But oh so far down the list. I will be waiting very impatiently.

Sare said

OK EVERYONE I received the BOX!!!!! For some reason i thought this was for something els and then when i opened it and saw the notebook i was like WAHHH NO WAY!!! lol My husband laughed at me!!! So I will be getting the box to the next person on Saturday!!!

Azzrian said

WOOO HOOOO! Hope you find some goodies in there! :)

Erika M. said

Yay! That’s great news. :)

I down… 5 more to go! YAY soooo excited!

Forgot to post here as soon as it arrived, but Amanda saw me starting to post tasting notes and updated it. I have drank nine of the teas today! Nine! That must be a personal record for me. I have saved three or four for this evening to try with the husband. I will try the rest tomorrow, add my teas and send it on it’s way to Darby on Wednesday! If you are curious you can check out my tasting notes, or if you want it to be a surprise or not be influenced, you can refrain ;) Thanks again to Amanada and Sare!

That’s what I was worried about… wanting to try many of the teas before knowing what to remove from the box. I can only drink so much tea in three days! :D

darby select said

Ooooooo!!! SO excited! That’ll be perfect timing too!

DaisyChubb said

Amanda you are doing an amazing job keeping track of BOTH boxes – thank you for your vigilance!

^ This picture sums it all up really ;)

Alphakitty said

We’d all better behave, because if we mess up the box Amanda will turn us into ferrets XD

Sare said

hahahaha So glad im done i like drinking tea !

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