Zen Tea said

Get free tea samples at Zen Tea

I’m posting this because it’ll be really good opportunity for members to try quality teas for free.
New start-up business ‘Zen Tea’ giving away free tea samples. Check the website www.zentealife.com
There’s 80 kinds of teas you can try. If you think this post is unappropriate, I would remove it. But I think it’ll be beneficial for our members.

PS. I can accept sample request by today(Sep. 13). I can’t do any other work because of this sample event. Soooo busy! Amazing response from our members. Thank you so much for our member’s interests on our event. I post again another sample tea event in near future. As I posted, you can ask for sample teas 2 more times after receiving first samples.

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Azzrian said

Indeed we welcome free samples to review! Thank you.

Azzrian said

Here is a little more info to help:
We send Free sample Teas
Posted on August 23, 2012 by zentea
Big September Event!

We will send you
3 Free Tea Samples to Canada and the US!

All you need to do is:
Create an Account to our website
Like us on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/zentealife)
Tell us 3 selected teas you want through Zen Tea homepage or Facebook page
Leave feedback for each tea samples after trying your selected tea samples (After leave feebacks, you can ask for tea samples 2 more times.)

DaisyChubb said

Thanks for the opportunity!
I don’t think your post in inappropriate at all, many tea companies post promotions and offers so don’t worry :)

Sil select said

I totally thought i’d already done this. Must be losing it. Thanks for the offer!

Cedes said

I think I’m the the only person who doesn’t have a facebook…

Cedes said

Oh Thank you, sending email now.

Zen Tea said

I worried too much. As a person who don’t like spam ad on bulletin board, I thought this posing may bother somebody.
I’m happy to get positive responsive from you guys. Anyway, Please try samples and leave a reviews on my website and Steepster.

Rellybob said

Thank you for the opportunity to try your teas!

Azzrian said

Thank you I made my requests via email from your contact us link.

I posted on facebook. You’re so generous!

Zen Tea said

Thank you. Hope you enjoy our teas!

Zoltar said

Don’t worry we like free sample we like everything that make us taste tea ! I made my request via the contact us link too i do have facebook but i go on it like once a month not even sure i remember my password lol

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